Wednesday, April 29, 2009

216 Sprinkler Season has BEGUN!

It is Katie's favorite time of the year. Time to unroll the garden hose and hook up the sprinkler. Remember how good the water used to taste right out of the hose! Lucky we are not in a "Water restricted" area like Grammy! It has not gotten to the scorching hot days of summer when you want to throw yourself into the pool with a couple bags of ice (or just stay in the nice air conditioning), but a run through the cold spray never hurt anyone. Katie likes to set up the slide where it can get wet, so she can "go fast". Poor tiny slide. Connor doesn't care whether the slide is wet or not. He is just so proud that he has figured out how to slide on his own, and I am inordinately proud of it, too!
It all started after the painting project on Sunday. I used the hose to clean the paintbrushes, and then Katie wanted to clean the paint off of herself. And then there was a water fight. She says that she was trying to wash the paint out of Connor's hair, but we all know better. That girl can't keep herself under sontrol when there is water involved. She starts to squeal and giggle. She spins in circles. She runs and leaps through the air. She even turned a plastic washtub into a mini pool. (I really need to try to get the pool clean so we can set it back up)
We painted again on Monday, and she wanted to play in the water again. To save Connor I offered to hook up the sprinkler. And then she and Mia asked to break out the sprinkler again today.

It is going to be a great Sprinkler Season in the Jaxon House!

Oh, you noticed that I did not mention the sprinkler on Tuesday, didja!? Well, that is for a very good reason. Mia's little brother Mikey turned 4 and his birthday party was at Chuck E. Cheese. Katie loves that rat-infested place. I know ... he is a mouse. Can ya tell it isn't my favorite place? The kids love it, so there we were. Perhaps the true reason I hate it is that the lighting is horrible, and it is nearly impossible to get a good shot. Nah, I am pretty sure it is because the kids usually don't understand the "end of tokens" concept. Although they did this time, and I was amazed at how well they took it when we did not refill their cups. And, Connor is at that age where he wants to run free, and as much as they try to tell you on the commercials that you can relax while the kids play they are NOT talking about an 18 month old. I got so tired of chasing him down and hearing him scream. But, obviously this trip was not for me. The kids had a great time ... until Katie ignored me for the last time and I hauled her little booty out of there. When they are around their buddies they use their selective hearing. Nothing I said would break through, so it was time to go. Not to worry, everyone else was getting ready to leave as well. I had just reached my rude-child quotient for the day.


Linda Woods said...

Did you hang that amazing piece of abstract art? It's so COOL! What a fun day art day.
I'm glad you are teaching your kids who's the leader of the pack.

CarrieJ said...

of course I hung it ... well, hung them! Silly Linda :) I will have to take pics. We embellished with some lovely glitter glue. LOL