Wednesday, April 15, 2009

203 Chocoholic

Holidays hit us hard around here. I do pretty good at not even thinking about candy during the normal days, but then these Sugar Holidays roll around. And they are spaced throughout the year, so you really never have time to recover! Well, Connor has joined us in our addiction. I think he might be a bit worse off than the rest of us though. I handed him a fun-size Hershey bar and turned around a moment later to find him trying to absorb the chocolate through his pores.


Gabrielle Kai Photography said...

Too funny!

This brought a smile to my face!

Tracy said...

Connor is so cute, even covered in chocolatey goodness!! Chloe too is addicted to chocolate (she gets it from her mama and I am an enabler). She asks for it all the time and throws a fit if I say no.