Saturday, April 18, 2009

207 SOOC Saturday

It is Straight Out Of Camera Saturday (or Sunday) again over at Slurping Life! And because I appreciate being forced to NOT edit a photo I am joinging in for the second time. It takes someone twisting my arm to not automatically throw a picture into my Photoshop, but I guess I can give up control for one day.

Today was an outdoors kinda day. It was a bit of a surprise since the forecast was for thunderstorms throughout the day. Connor walks to the back door as soon as he can, begging to go outside. The rain would not have stopped him (and later in the day it DID NOT stop him). But, that is beside the point ... other than a shower before we woke up the day stayed pretty nice until 5pm. And of course, the camera came into the backyard with me. Katie had a few friends over and they were running around like wild things UNTIL ... they saw this guy.
Gross! I just realized it looks like he is sitting on a tongue! *shudder* Rest assured, he is just on the door to Katie's playhouse.
It does not matter how many times you tell a 6 year old girl that a grasshopper can't hurt her, she will still run screaming. I had the pleasure of THREE six year old girls squealing. To be fair, this guy does look pretty nasty! When I tried to shoo him away from the playhouse he took a flying leap and I lost him for a moment (much to the horror of the girls), but he was found hanging out in the tree. Beautiful, in that creepy crawly way that bugs have.

I mean ... EWWW! Check out the way his back foot is holding on to that leaf!
I'm glad I couldn't catch him to move him!

And what would a post be without a picture of a dandelion? So, here is one SOOC.

My Wish for Today:

Enjoy things the way they are, not how you think they should be.

Appreciate the natural beauty of the world around you!


Bren said...

wonderful photos for today - Photoshop or not!
Happy Spring to you.

Tara R. said...

These are wonderful macro shots. Nicely done!

K said...

very beautiful pictures
Hey I also visited your other blog "Honesty " and was very touched
Wanted to send ayou a giant hug

Mominin said...

Beautiful shots. I love macro shots. Great job!

Sara said...

Awesomely creepy!

melody is slurping life said...

It DOES look like it is on a tongue...ewwwwwwww. But oh so cool a shot. My boys would love it, too.

P.S. It's hard as heck for me not to edit, too. :)

Julie said...

I was wondering what it was sitting and thinking that it looked like a tongue! These photos are great!! I love closeups of nature! =)

Rachel said...

Oh, those are just so pretty! Especially love the dandelion shot!

And the John Deere tractor on the above post is GREAT! Our kiddo would approve :)