Monday, April 6, 2009

196 Bunnies and Ducks

On Sunday we attended our first Easter Egg Hunt (yes, there will be more) at Graceland Christian Church. Yes, Graceland ... no, Elvis was NOT there, but the Easter Bunny did put in an appearance. When we first arrived, Jacob absolutely refused to look at Katie. He stared stoically out the door and would not even crack a smile. Must be true love :)

Yes, this is why they call it Graceland Church ... 'cuz it looks like Graceland ...
And as usual, the event was improved by the addition of blow up bouncey things.
Afterwards, Toya suggested a trip to feed the ducks. Well, the geese. And of course it was a perfect excuse to break out the Argus!! There were several dapper little fellows willing to have their pictures taken for a few pieces of bread.
I want to go back and rest under that tree with a book! Doesn't it look like the perfect quiet spot!?This was the very first time that I have seen Katie do the monkeybars since she broke her arm last year. It was a very proud moment for me! okay ... and her.And then we saw the worlds ugliest duck/goose things. I have no idea what happened to create these poor birds. They are like turkey/swan/goose/duck things. They look like Mexican Luchador Ducks to me!!


Andy Darnell said...

Looks like ducky fun.

Linda Woods said...

Is there an Elvis impersonator at the church?
It's beautiful and you got some really cool shots. I would've gone just for the candy but I don't like being the only jew at church.