Wednesday, April 15, 2009

204 Phone Talker

Connor is in love with the phone. Oh, we already knew this since he called 911, but recently he has begun talking to his Grammy on the phone. I would record it to show you, so you could hear the crazy little sounds he makes, but really the easiest way to do that is with the camera on the phone, which he would be talking on. He makes a wide variety of noises. Some even resemble real words. He says "Heeeeeeeyyyhhhh" a lot, which I am going to guess is Hi. He also wanders around while he talks. I thought Grammy might want to see what her little man looks like, so I snapped a few pictures the other day while they were talking. Horrible and blurry(shoulda popped up the flash, but old habits die hard) , but really just for Grammy's enjoyment. I know she won't mind!
First, he was kicked back in his rocking chair ...Then he needed to go to the door so he could tell Grammy about the weather. Rainy ...And then he settled in to get down to the really good stuff. I am sure he tattled on his sister, and asked for toys. They probably discussed dinner, and what is on tv as well. They talked for a LONG time!Mommy's turn to talk.

You really have to see him in action the whole time! He is so adorable. Of course, when I take the phone away from him and he crumples to the floor in a screaming, crying heap then he loses the cute factor pretty darn quick!


Nicole said...

OMG That's hilarious! And so cute! How old is he again?

CarrieJ said...

He is 18 months old. He has just entered that "I will climb anything once"stage. I spend all day terrified! LOL
If our Atlanta trips ever coincide I would love to take pics of Vinnie! What are the odds of that??

Melissa RN said...

This is too funny!! Madison does this too. She usually talks to me on the phone, so no matter who's on the other end she says, "Hi Mama!" Every time a phone rings she will bring it to me or Kelly and then take it away from us as soon as we answer it! They grow up so fast!!