Friday, April 3, 2009

193 More boring shots with the Argus

I think I need to look around and find out how to clean the mirror in my Argus. And, it was a bit nervewracking to try to take pictures of Connor in the tub. I was always anticipating having to throw the cameras down to grab Connor up. Maybe I should stick to shooting outside. Flowers and weeds for me for a while :)
And no, that is his belly button people! He has an outie. I do wish I could have caught a better expression on his wee face, but I thought it was a cute picture anyway.
Here is my sad little quickie apparatus. In order to cut down on the glare you need to create a tube of some kind. This one is ... functional. However, it is barely larger than my lens, and at the wrong angle, it will turn with my auto-focus. It leaves a small gap in the front, and it slides. It will do until I can come up with something better though.


Linda Woods said...

First of all, you are thin. I hate you.
Second, get some Pringles that you like, eat them all, then try a Pringles canister for the tube. Just cut the end off.

CarrieJ said...

LOL ... must be the magic of the Argus if I look thin :)
I saw some people on Flickr using the Pringles can. I just haven't made it to the store yet, but I might have a whole army of Pringle can tubes soon!

kath said...

Carrie, this is so exciting .... and I love it when I have to invent something to make something else work ...