Friday, April 17, 2009

206 My Three Wishes

My Three Wishes, right now? Right this minute ... Well, there is always the first wish out of our mouths in this family...

1. I wish for a CURE for DIABETES! Sure, Katie is extremely lucky to have the type of diabetes she does. She takes pills instead of shots. Her A1C is phenomenol! We have amazing control of her blood sugar. But, it is not a CURE! And there are so many kids and adults out there who are living with diabetes who are not as lucky. So, our first wish is always A CURE FOR DIABETES!

2. My second wish is for a successful business. I am launching my own photography business. Yes, no more dragging my feet. This is the real thing. Dandelion Farms Photography is now seeking models to build my portfolio. The first five sittings will be done absolutely free (prints not included, of course). If you are in the Desoto County, MS or Memphis, TN area and would like to sit for me leave a comment or email me.

3. My third wish? I wish everyone would just realize that we have to make the best of what we have! Stop complaining about the current administration. I will stop complaining about the past administration. Deal? We have all come to realize that voting for a President is choosing the lesser of two evils, and I think we have made the right choice! I hope we find that to be the case in the coming years! I am not blindly following anyone, but this is where we are RIGHT NOW! Make the best of it!

So, right now those are my three wishes. The first two will stay pretty constant, but that third one is up for debate on a daily basis. I have of course left out the wish that my family is healthy and happy - THAT wish goes without saying!

I am not a Genie, and I can't grant you three wishes, but I would love to hear them anyway!! What are you wishing for right NOW? Silly, selfish, or serious!


Andy Darnell said...

Good luck with your photography endeavor. That is cool. By the way, you're in my google reader now.

Linda Woods said...

First, it's not a wish but I think people who DO NOT VOTE should not complain about the president. I hate that. I totally don't get people NOT VOTING in something so important.

My wishes:
1. I wish I knew where this damn cat came from!
2. I wish there were fewer fucktards.
3. I wish Sara Lee had not stopped making that chocolate sheet cake in the foil pan.

papercraftsbyk said...

Much luck for your new adventure. You'll do great! Enjoy the moments and have fun.
3 wishes: good health, peace and equality for all (is that two), being able to eat without gaining weight.

BellaKarma said...

I can't stop looking at the beautiful photograph! What a great eye you had for that shot!

I wish you lots of luck with your new business endeavor! I'm with you about no longer dragging your feet! I just received my best license and fictitious name statement!

Nicole said...

Good Luck! Love the name! I'd love you to take pics of Vincent for your portfolio but unfortunately we never get to TN. Closest is Atlanta.

Tracy said...

We'd love to set up a photo shoot. Maybe sometime this summer.