Thursday, April 16, 2009

205 Its Love Thursday Y'all!

If you have been around here often enough, then you have noticed I have a certain penchant for taking pictures of weeds. There is a profusion of dandelions on my blog. I try to say it is just because it is the only flower in my yard, but truly, they are gorgeous ... if they were only in someone else's yard!! Well, I have discovered a new weed in my yard. And, like the dandy, it is beautiful! It is also a perfect accompaniment to Love Thursday. The first time I saw this weed I took this picture ... (and yes, the bloom is in the shape of a heart)

And then I looked past the buds and blooms, and I noticed the LEAVES! Amazing!

Can you see it? Here, lets get a little closer ...

But, I still had not seen the bloom fully opened. I am not normally running around my yard in the morning, so I thought I would look outside and see if it was a morning bloomer. And, of course it is....
Oddest thing about this though ... the leaves, which are spread wide when the blooms are furled, are laying down when the bloom is full! And then, with such heart-shaped perfection, I had to play with the hues! And have a little photo editing fun.And, to finish off this Love Thursday post, with a love that no one can miss!

Happy Love Thursday! Where are you finding love today?

and, as always, stop by Chookooloonks, the originator of Love Thursday!

---after posting this and heading over to Chookooloonks, I went through her comments to check out the other Love Thursday posts ... and I clicked over to the lovely Gabrielle Kai Photography blog ... and what did I see?? The same Heart Leaves!


margie said...

oh my goodness, look at that face!! pinching cheeks for sure!!

Linda Woods said...

Those are cool flowers and leaves. I must get Ignacio to plant something cool like that.
I love the rollerskates! I had some just like that.

Gabrielle Kai Photography said...

Too funny! Great minds think alike.

Well, we have another thing in common - we both have weeds in our yards!! LOL

Beautiful pictures - and I love the little ones - too cute!

And yes, GA it is - for now, anyway! Do you visit anytime?