Monday, April 13, 2009

202 That Cwazy Wabbit!

The kids were tucked into their beds, and then the Easter Bunny decided it was time for some flashlight egg hiding. Sure, the real Easter Bunny probably has night vision, but this Mama Easter Bunny broke out the giant Maglite. Double useful, great for shedding a little light on the situation, and also makes a handy club if someone tries to steal my eggs! There are just not that many hiding places in our yard. I have a little corner with some bushes, a few plants, and a birdbath. The majority of the eggs were hidden there. Another fourth of my yard is covered with a deck, so it received its fair sprinkling of glittered egg goodness. And quite honestly, it was a bit chilly and the eggs got hidden as quickly as possible.

Lucky for Katie, the Easter Bunny DOES shop at Sam's Club, so she did not have to be disappointed when she woke up. She saw this basket a MONTH ago, and she has talked about it ever since ... because it has LIP GLOSS! That is right, she has fixated on this one basket for a month over a nine color lipgloss. Not that she has 157 kinds of lip gloss already! And left to his/her own devices that Easter Bunny probably would have made a much cooler basket, full of make-upy Easter love, oh well. Saved the Easter Bunny time.

It was about the time that the Easter Bunny finished taking care of Katie's Easter that the poor bunny realized that Connor did not have any Easter goodies. The Easter Bunny was so busy making sure that Katie's Easter was perfect that poor Connor had been left out. Sure, Connor would have never noticed, but Katie sure would have! Luckily, the Easter Bunny can also shop at Walmart 24 hours a day :) So, when Mr. EB got home Mrs. EB ran to the store. The pitiful picked over store. There were maybe 8 kinds of Easter candy left. Most of it not appropriate for an 18 month old. But procrastinators can't be choosers!

Then the EB decided that there should be more than just real eggs hidden in the yard, so the EB headed back out with Maglite in hand to sprinkle some plastic eggs around. That EB is a glutton for punishment! About 4 AM that poor Easter Bunny crawled into bed and waited to be awoken by a happy little girl.

Mere hours later, I was shaken awake! Katie was ready to EGG HUNT! We tried our best to wake up Daddy, but he wasn't stirring (yeah, and he was the whole reason the eggs were already hidden - I get the irony of the situation, thanks). Connor was even trying to sleep in, but I had to pull him out of bed to join in the fun.

Katie was flitting around the yard, finding eggs left and right. Filling her basket. I was trying to get Connor to pick up some eggs, but he was UN-impressed! He gladly walked around with his basket. He even seemed to get excited for a moment when he saw a little pile of eggs. He picked up one, got the candy and he was perfectly content to stop there.Katie only cared about the real eggs. She would ONLY pick up the ones that she had decorated. I finally convinced her to help her brother out in finding the plastic eggs. Of course, her idea of helping is to just run around and do it for him. Whatever, by that point I was ready to head inside for a cup of coffee anyway! I tried to get Katie to slow down enough for a picture or two, but it was like pulling buckteeth! I am starting to wonder when Katie will realize that the most important part of the picture is her face?! She will pose, but be looking away or making an odd face. Maybe next year ... I have a friend, Linda, that posts pictures of the gorgeous flowers she gets out of her garden. Wonderful roses and jasmine and lemon blossoms. So, I made a bouquet of my own ...

True to form, Linda thought it was beautiful. A bouquet of wishes ... funny, I just see weeds :) I lie, I think it is darn pretty for weeds! Maybe when you look at them all day everyday you start to lose that childlike joy in blowing dandelion wishes into the wind. Or maybe it is just the fact you are wishing for less weeds! (not that I will stop taking pictures of my dandies!) Linda also came up with Dandelion Farms, and I LOVE IT!!


Candy Brewer said...

What a lovely egg hunt! We were reduced to having a cold, windy, wet egg hunt in my inlaws' carport. If only we'd had time to do one BEFORE church! Love the dandelions!!! :)

Linda Woods said...

Mr. and Mrs. EB are very generous. I'd love to wake up and find cans of Pringles by my fireplace. YUM!
Your yard (Dandelion Farms)is huge! I love all the photos. A bouquet of wishes is ART! When I was a little girl I found a dandelion in our yard and wished for a raggedy ann. A few hours later one arrived in the mail! I was convinced that it was because the dandelion wishes WORKED.