Tuesday, March 31, 2009

186 When 6 Year-Olds Watch Twilight ...

and then borrow your red lip gloss! Katie could not resist adding drops of blood! Well, she has requested to watch Twilight three times! She does get bored, and tend to wander around during the movie but I think she has managed to see the whole thing through three viewings. There was nothing in it that would scare her, but when Chip and I watched the deleted and extended scenes, it was clear that they purposely steered it away from a more gory adaptation. Katie enjoyed the movie, and she has informed us that we will be purchasing it for the house. It has a long way to go before it can beat out The Mummy movies though!

And, what is a blog for if not to provide my unasked for opinion. I have read the first 3 books in the Twilight series and I am currently reading book 4. I have loved them! I admit that with a little embarrassment. They were written for teens. But each of these books has been such a fun and interesting read. I have a pretty vivid imagination. When I read, it is like watching a movie in my head. (when I was little I remember running into my brother's room to tell him that a Nancy Drew movie was on - before I remembered that I was just reading- I was VERY young) And this series has been no exception. I have seen each part of the book acted out in the minutest detail. And then I watched the movie. I think what threw me off the most is that I had already created a cast in my head. I had my own idea of what each person looked and sounded like. So, the actual cast fell short of my idealized version. And of course, there was a lot of trimming and condensing to make the first book into a two hour movie. It was a good movie. The acting was a bit stilted. I think the actors were just getting comfortable in their roles and the next movie will be better. Edward and Bella definitely have the sexual tension thing down. I can't wait to see more Jacob :) that being said ... this is the first time I have ever recommended that anyone see a movie before they read the books. I think it would actually be better to have the actors in your head so that you can read with them in the roles. Especially since these actors are bound to stick around for the whole series.

Although I am still trying to figure out how the guy that plays Jacob is going to grow a foot for the next movie ... yet another compromise!