Thursday, March 26, 2009

180 Spring Break, the Final Chapter

Friday and Saturday were strictly friends and family! Friday we met the Melton's for Chuck E. Cheese. You know I must have REALLY wanted to see them if I agreed to the Chuck! Katie and Kaylee had a BLAST! They spun and danced and played and played! This is also the first time that Katie has voluntarily approached the rat when he was walking around. It only took 6.5 years ... now if we can just get her to not freak out around frogs! Afterwards, we headed a bit further north to see the Bright's! My brother Geof and his family also made it up for a little mini reunion. Katie loves anytime she can play with her cousins. Ashlee's sister, Amy happened to be coming into town as well. Anslee and Katie hit it off immediately! They played Wii Bowling and giggled ... A LOT!

This is where Ashlee decides to make fun of Katie. My girl is a sassy little thing! Saturday we took a little trip to Kohl's with Grammy. While she was checking out I took Katie next door to PetSmart. Are these not the cutest little fish! The are called Pearlscale Goldfish and it said that they can grow to be 12 inches. I wonder if they look like basketballs at that point!?That night Grammy had a lot of little helpers for cupcake preparations. I just love how Katie has her arm around Claire to make sure she doesn't fall. And, of course the best part of cupcakes is DECORATION! Claire and Katie were very intent on making sure that the cupcakes were as beautiful as possible. Milly just wanted the sprinkles! I had to leave the family get together before I could force the cousins to take a group picture. I had plans to meet some of the Lady Blue Devils from back in the day! We had dinner at a place called Six Feet Under. It is supposed to be next to a cemetery, but we couldn't stop talking to look. WE LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED! Oh, the hilarity that ensued! We gave our poor waiter hell, but I am sure he forgave us when he got his tips at the end of the night. I only took a few pics, and those turned out blurry, but here they are. I would share our conversations and our laughter, but this is a family blog :) I can't wait to go back to Atlanta and see my family and friends again!! I miss you all so much! Next time, hopefully I will be able to spend more time with everyone ... especially my Mom! It was nice to have Chip with us, but it really cut down on my Mommy-Daughter time. We usually sit around sipping coffee and talking, but we did not get a chance to do much of that this time. Next time Mom, I promise!

What is a trip home without some flower pics? These were the only daffodils that were blooming. Lamb's Ears! we adore these plants! So soft and sweet!
This picture reminds me of Willy Wonka and his edible daffodil cups! YUM! I wish they were made of sugar!
The Tulip Tree!
And of course I had to get a picture of the Camellias!
I just love all the plants that are still around from my grandparents! Everytime I see them I feel like Grandma and Grandaddy are right around the corner, and in a way, I guess they are!


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