Sunday, March 1, 2009

167 Snow in the Delta

You know the drill, pictures now ... words later :) Gotta get the kiddos to sleep so I can think clearly!
And LATER is now here! I know you are so relieved. You surely couldn't figure out what these pictures are about without my boring commentary!
Saturday, early afternoon the snow began to fall. Luckily, Chip had an early meeting at work so he had already left before the snow started. Katie was at Mia's house to spend the night, and it was just the ConMan and I snuggled in watching the snow. It started off pretty weak, but then the huge fluffy flakes began to fall. It was so pretty, but I had little hope that it would stick. Friday we were in the 60's and the ground was wet, so it was a surprise to me when the snow began to stick immediately! About 8 o'clock Saturday night it was still snowing and we had a few inches on the deck. At midnight the roads were white. What a great night for Chip to forget his cell phone! He did use a friends phone to let me know he was on his way, but I was worried until he walked through the door. I have seen too many stupid Memphis and Mississippi drivers to not worry.
Katie and Mia came down around 8:30. Katie needed her pills, and I am sure Mia's Mom was glad to have a little break. We had to do a little layering before we could play. Well, Connor was hating his layers. The poor boy hates getting dressed in the first place, but then I started adding on the second layer and he was PISSED! Finally, I had everyone ready and we headed out into our Winter Wonderland! I sat Connor down in the middle of the yard, stepped back to take a picture, and he tried to come after me. BAD IDEA! The snow was a good 4 inches deep and he fell face first into the snow! And when I say face first, I mean his face looked like it had been dipped in powdered sugar. He was displeased to say the very least! So, I let the girls play in the front yard where I could see them through the window, and Connor and I hightailed it back into the warm. He was very happy to be down to only one layer of clothing. I had to hang out the door and take some pictures. Katie and Mia had such a great time in the snow. Although they were disappointed that the snow could not be packed to make a snowman! They wanted to have snow icees again, but I made snow ice cream instead. Connor may not have liked his experience with the snow before, but he loved snow ice cream!
And, since most of my pictures were taken from the doorway, I have to say a great big THANK GOODNESS FOR ZOOM LENSES!!

To be fair, I posed this. I saw Katie outside throwing snow in the air and screaming "It's Snowing!!", and I had to get her to recreate it for me. I am not terribly sure what Katie is thinking or doing at this time, but notice that she has a spoon in her hand. All this child thinks about is eating. As soon as it began to snow she probably started planning her first snow icee. The sled never made it to the park. By the time I got Connor down for a nap, it was lunchtime. Then we had to redress them, and by then it was almost 3 and there was not enough snow to sled on. Chip did take the girls into the park for a snowball fight.Our favorite boys next door came over to join in the snow time merriment. Travis was very proud of his big snowball. Poor Trav, everyone was putting snow down his shirt. It was a really cold day for him!I love this picture of Jacob! It is so him! Right after I snapped this pic he went up and hugged his brother. It was very cute! This is what I got when I asked the kids to get together so I coould take a picture. They could not stop the fun for a few seconds so I just decided to go with the flow. "Everyone get a snowbal!" And then on the count of three, THROW! Someone even managed to smack me with their snowball. Katie says it was Mia.This puts me in mind of the painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware. I am not even sure if that is really the picture I am thinking of, but it is what is in my head. If you have seen Nancy Drew then the painting she is recreating when she tries to be "normal" ... because dressing your two guy friends up in period dress and making them pose in a convertible is my definition of normal!Connor was DYING to play with the big kids. He did manage to climb all the way on to the back of the loveseat. Scared the poo out of me when I looked over to see him on the back!

And, on a totally unrelated note ... one of the blogs I stalk, ummm READ, is Journal Revolution. It is the blog of Linda Woods and Karen Dinino, who are the authors of Journal Revolution and Visual Chronicles. If you have any interest in Art Journaling you MUST get these books. If you have any interest in expressing yourself through art and words, these are must reads. But the whole point of this shameless plug for these Seesters is that I was mentioned in their blog! I am such a huge geek that this has totally made my day, my week ... heck, pick a time increment. Apparently I make hilarious comments about Facebook status updates. If you are my "friend" then you probably already knew I tend to be a smartass. I consider it my true art form! Linda, you are the coolest person I have never met! I might just have to sign up for Twitter for you :) And oh yeah, they have two brothers who also wrote some books or something. Although I usually only wander by their blogs when Linda points out that they said something funny. They do remind me of my brothers, so it probably happens more frequently than she mentions but I am lazy. So, in other words ... Linda is that blogger that I talk about like I actually know her. Sometimes she even wanders by here, and I appreciate it! She is probably really happy I live far away right about now.


Linda Woods said...

I totally get why Katie has the spoon in the snow. Those of us who like to eat every 3 seconds always have a fork and spoon handy. Choo never know when food will happen!

You describe my brothers exactly as I do. I think they wrote some books or something.
Love ya!