Friday, March 13, 2009

172 Trip to the Sick Side

My friend Candy asked me to accompany her to get her first tattoo. Of course, what she meant was ... BRING YOUR CAMERA! There are a couple tattoo parlors in the area, two of them about 50 feet apart, but if you ask around you will mostly hear about Sick Side. I was just there to click the shutter, but I must say that I was totally relaxed. The whole staff was awesome! Flea is extremely talented AND hilarious! I watched him tattoo not only my friend Candy, but also her husband. I flipped through the books, and there was some wonderful artwork! Throughout the course of a few hours of conversation I found out that Flea was a comicbook artist for a few years before deciding to become a tattoo artist. He just switched one type of ink for another. I didn't know what to expect walking in. I have never watched anyone get inked before. I was worried that Candy (and especially Mike) would not handle it well. I don't deal well with other people being in pain. But they were both troopers! Candy never made a sound ... well, other than laughing. Mike could barely keep himself from laughing - which would have totally ruined his tattoo. Both tatts turned out great! Thanks Candy and Mike for letting me come, and thanks Flea for allowing the crazy lady with the camera to take a ton of pics! You can find Flea on MySpace.