Sunday, March 22, 2009

176 I know you missed me ...

So, however did you stand it? No updates on the Jaxon household for a week! The horror! Don't fret! The nightmare has come to an end. We are home, safe and sound. The pictures are uploaded and I am ready to bore you silly with what I have been doing for the past week. Besides driving around! But, like most jumbled blog posts, I will try to fit it all together, probably leave out all the interesting parts ... but I will try my best not to.

Monday was a wash ... we got a late start and everyone got some sleep on the way out but me. We did make good time, but there was just enough time to eat dinner when we got there.

(I am not off to a good start, am I?)
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!Tuesday we hit some old favorites while Grammy was at work. We took Chip to Baldino's for subs. It is an old favorite of mine. It is also the local police hangout so SUPER safe! Then we headed out to Emory University to the Michael C. Carlos Museum.This is one of Katie's very favorite places to go in Atlanta. She LOVES mummies! And who can really blame her? Human remains wrapped in linen and stored in a sarcophagus, AWESOME! Chip was musing about whether we would be on display one of these days in a museum. Exactly how old do you really have to be before it is considered "science" to haul your carcass out for the world to see? We could just save them time and donate our bodies to science. Maybe we could end up in one of those Body exhibits that are just a bunch of cadavers in various stages of dissection. Doesn't that sound fun!!?? But really, by the time I die I think we will have mandatory cremation because Lex Luther's Daddy was right, the only thing they are not making more of is LAND! Enjoy the tangent? It really is a great museum! If you are in the area and have any interest in history then you should check it out. The permanent exhibit is fabulous! And there are also traveling exhibits that go through. Right now there is an exhibit of the photographs that Harry Burton took during the discovery and cataloguing of King Tut's Tomb! Absolutely amazing! Of course I would be interested in something that involves photography, but it really is amazing to see into the day to day activities of excavating a tomb. Then our wonderful visit came to a crash landing when Chip took Katie into the gift shop! She apparently threw a fit over the amount of things she could get. So, she got nothing. Luckily I was outside with Connor, getting some fresh air.
And then we went to IKEA!! This is a favorite with A LOT of people! I am still not comfortable hauling my camera around a store, but I wish I was! IKEA is so FULL of stuff, both useful and useless! We made it out pretty cheap though. We just bought a shelf, a pink net canopy, a set of cutting boards, two sand shovels, and a storage box. It is like Swedish Walmart, apparently! Then we topped off the day by driving home in Atlanta Rush Hour! Woohoo!

Wednesday, wonderful Wednesday! Mom and I decided to hit the junk stores. Well, we hit a Goodwill and were unimpressed We went to "My Favorite Place" and "Timeless Treasures" and I was able to walk away without a purchase. Well, it helped that I forgot to steal money from Chip before I left, but there really was nothing that I couldn't live without. It was strange to return from a junkin' trip with just a few things ... and no furniture! I must be losing my touch, or actually realizing that nothing else is going to fit in my house! As soon as we pulled into the driveway, Katie climbed into the van and asked if it was time to go to the park. It really was the only thing she cared about doing that day. I texted our friends that we were headed to the park and luckily they were able to meet us there. Katie just loves playing with Kyle! She really does get along better with boys that are a year younger. She is so rough and tumble that she is the perfect playmate for a boy, but on the other hand she is totally enamored with makeup so she is a perfect playmate for a little girl, too. Oh hell, I am a little prejudiced, but I think she is perfect all around ... well, except for that little sassy streak! Connor was just happy to be out of the stroller and the car for a little while! Poor little guy had been strapped into so many different chairs that he needed to stretch his wee legs out! I wasn't sure that we would be able to get Katie and Kyle together, but I am so glad we did! They had a blast playing together! Although getting them to STOP playing is nearly impossible! "Just one more slide" turns into at least ten more slides. And the day is not complete unless they have each thunked their head on the bars that run across the top of the slide.Thursday we hit the Georgia Aquarium! This was out third trip, but only Chip's first! Always a huge hit (and apparently always extremely crowded) Katie is always a bit subdued in a crowd. She tends to want to shy away instead of waiting her turn to see the fish. She loses all her enthusiasm the minute she has to wait to see something. Luckily she regained it when I handed her a camera! She had a great time snapping pictures, first with the little camera and then with my big camera. As long as she got PART of whatever she was aiming at then she was happy. She even took some pretty good pictures!And honestly, I am EXHAUSTED! You will just have to wait for tomorrow for the conclusion to this episode of "Jaxons on Vacation"!


Linda Woods said...

Great shots but where are all the photos of biscuits?
You look gorgeous, btw.

BellaKarma said...

"It is like Swedish Walmart." Classic.