Saturday, March 14, 2009

174 I'm in LOVE...

with my MACRO! I have used it before, once or twice .. but the past couple of weeks I have been absolutely ENAMORED of it! It makes even the most common of weeds into a thing a beauty. It takes one tiny bit of my world and makes it something special. I know my posts have been picture heavy lately, and a lot of those photos have been taken using my macro, but I can't sing its praises enough. If you are into photography you HAVE to get one. Mine just screws directly onto my lense like any other filter. I am sure that there are some high end macro lenses out there, but so far mine is doing the trick. My camera bag is not stocked with the latest or the greatest (as much as I wish it was) but the largest part of photography is being able to express your vision. I am trying to find, and refine, my own vision. Thanks for putting up with me along the way :)
I am going to have to plant a garden just to widen my variety of picture opportunities :)


Gabrielle Kai Photography said...

You are right! These are so beautiful.

What kind of macro do you have?

btw - I ~love~ the image in your header!