Tuesday, March 24, 2009

178 Georgia Aquarium

A few more pics from the Georgia Aquarium.

This little guy was ADORABLE! He just fluttered in place, looking like he was standing! And what a silly little fishy face he has!

The BIG tank! This is amazing! I know I have seen it twice before, but the third time is just as magical! Seriously, WHALE SHARK! That is HUGE!In the tunnel. Chip really really wants to try diving next time. I think he said it is $300 and they have all the gear there, just in case anyone else wants to give it a try (if you have dive certification that is). I wonder if you can take a waterproof camera in there with you??This is where Katie took my camera away. She was happy with EVERY picture that she took as long as it contained at least a piece of fish body. I think this first one is AWESOME!A little blur here, but Katie caught a great shot of that Hammerhead!This is Katie's very favorite capture. the LEOPARD ray. Hmmm, I wonder what it is really called. I should look that up!The Beluga whale! They only had the male out while we were there, and we were lucky enough to come in at the tail end of the educational speech. If I heard this guy correctly then this Beluga was at one time in a tank underneath a ride at Six Flags ... lucky for him it changed management and the new guy realized how horrid it was for the poor Beluga to be trapped under a rollercoaster. Chip had to run into the store at the World of Coca-Cola. His Mom loves Coke paraphenalia, and he wanted to get her a little happy. Katie gave up and climbed into Connor's new stroller. She looks so silly all folded in half to fit!Connor was happy to be FREE! He did not want to be reined in, and when we tried to get him to walk with us he just started doing this ... It was time to go, and Connor was trying to run through the grass again, but he was caught and restrained!

And that concludes another successful trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Many more pictures were taken. A lot more fun was had! It was a pretty good family day for the Jaxons!