Monday, March 2, 2009

168 When Boredom Attacks!

I tend to get a wild hair when I am bored, quite literally! I will just walk in the bathroom and start chopping my hair. Sometimes it is just a trim, sometimes I go a little further ... but I think today was the most extreme yet! I usually stick to a straight cut. It is pretty easy to get the ends even with a mirror, and if I really screw up I can always beg a professional to fix it (not that I ever would actually do that). I just am not that girl. The one concerned with her hair. But lately I have decided it has gotten a wee bit too dark.

I bought a box of "highlights" to try, but I am way too impatient to do them correctly. I tried! The first couple strands I slowly stroked with the solution. And then I got bored and got a handful of the mixture and just ran my fingers through my hair. Not my brightest idea, but it is fixable ... I hope!

Well, I thought that taking a few inches off might actually improve the color. So, I started with a section of the front, twirled it up and using my fingers as a guide, I cut two finger widths up. Then I took another section and reversed the twirl. I worked my way around, then it was hanging pretty good, but I was unhappy with some jagged edges, so I just snipped away until I reached the semblance of even.

Through this time I updated my Facebook a few times, and apparently there were quite a few people that wanted to see pics. And, since I won't be seeing my Mommy for two more weeks! I know she would want to see them as well. I hate taking my own picture, so this is the most pictures you will ever see of me in one place.

Before ... not even any make-up!! GASP!!

Now I just have to do something about those eyebrows ...


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I'm quite impressed that you cut that yourself!