Tuesday, March 10, 2009

169 A Week in the Weird

Of course I could not leave my hair alone ... I had to lighten it a bit more (and try to repair whatever I did to it with the highlights). I am getting used to it, but it still looks way too brassy to me. I am trying to get used to wearing my hair down, but I do LOVE that I can still pull it back in a ponytail if I need to. And believe me, with my munchkin man around I do need to pull my hair out of the way sometimes! Although he is just as happy to yank a scrunchie out of my hair as he is to grab my hair and pull.

We also did a bit more cleaning. It is a good thing I have such an enthusiastic helper!! Well, until he decided that licking the sponge was the thing to do ... On Wednesday, Katie had her school fieldtrip to the Pink Palace to go to the Sharpe Planetarium. IT WAS SO TINY! I guess I was just spoiled growing up in Atlanta because we had the Fernbank Science Center and I remember the planetarium being HUGE (I just looked it up and it happens to be one of the largest in the United States) ! Although technically, the planetarium actually refers to the aparatus that projects the stars onto the ceiling, not the actual room. So, I did learn something new!! Being a small group, it was much more personal. The class was allowed to ask questions and respond to several themselves. Katie's sugar was out of whack, and she was pouty because I did not understand something she was trying to tell me. She said she wanted to "go to the places with the blocks" and then she elaborated "with the plane". And I was at a total loss for a few minutes until I finally figured out she was talking about the Childrens Museum of Memphis. In front of the museum there are huge letter blocks that spell CMOM ... She stayed pouty for quite a while! In fact, she stayed pouty for the rest of the day. I went in the gift shop after they got loaded back onto the bus, and she was unsatisfied with what I brought home to her. And then she decided to be sassy ... It was NOT a good day!

On Saturday we celebrated Jacob's 7th birthday!
Monday was SUPER busy!! Connor had his check up with the opthalmologist. Connor was MISERABLE! He hates to be confined and I had to keep him in a tiny waiting room while his eyes dilated, and then I had to hold him in my lap and restrain him so that the doctor could look into his eyes. He did good for a few minutes, then he was done. He just wanted to get as far from the doc as possible. Even dangling my cell phone would not make him look to the side. But, eventually we were all done, and everything looks good!On the way home we stopped in the new Joann's. We had picked up a sippy cup to buy, one of those with the liquid and glitter that sloshes around. Connor dropped it and it busted open ... well, at least we know it wouldn't have lasted at home! I did end up buying a huge St. Patty's Day hat and a chocolate bar to share with Connor. I am sure that SOME of the chocolate made it into his mouth ...And I took my new running shoes on their maiden voyage! I even RAN in them! Oh, not very far or for very long, but I did run! I did two laps around the track behind my house. Not in a row of course!! It didn't help that it was 75 degrees. AND HUMID! It is so sad that I am this out of shape. How can I not still have all the muscle tone from high school!? Surely, it could have stuck around for 14 years without any help from me ... Is that so much to ask? To have the body of a 17 year old after having two kids and sitting on my rear for 14 years?? It just ain't fair I tell ya!!

And I am sure that I have mentioned that katie has a style all her own before, but her most recent outfit takes the cake! A Valentine's skirt with hearts all over it, a polka dot tank top, and LEGWARMERS ON HER ARMS!! I tried to talk her out of it, but she was determined to go play with her friends in this outfit. Who am I to stifle her creativity??

I will say that when Chip left for work she was still across the street, so he stopped in the road and she ran to his window to give him a kiss. I had Pretty Woman flashbacks ... I need to go back and watch that movie. It is just such a BAD outfit!! And it kills me that it is so ADORABLE on her!!

At least she can never say that I dressed her like this ... And I am pretty sure that is another home haircut ... Mom, how could you stand me being so CUTE!!??


Linda Woods said...

Your kids are adorable!
here's how you know I love you-
I agree that your hair is a bit too brassy. Maybe you need to change shampoos. Something about it is not the right tone for your skin.
Then again, I have an obsession with my own hair being too brassy so I might be projecting.
The cut is fucking COOL on you.