Monday, November 24, 2008

122 Monday, Monday

The beginning of another fun filled week. Sure, the week technically starts on Sunday, but yesterday was a non-day. Chip woke up with the stomach bug, so I quarantined him upstairs. The kids and I amused ourselves, and tried not to breathe his germs. Well, except for Katie who would run upstairs to check on her Daddy every ten minutes. She can remember things from 5 years ago (and she is only 6) but she cannot remember how miserable she was just two weeks ago when she was the one sick!! It is like when I tell her "don't jump on the furniture" or "don't run down the hall when Connor's sleeping" or "don't pull out another piece of candy and eat it without having your blood sugar checked!! We have to control your sugar!! Do you want to lose your foot!!??" All of that goes in one ear and out the other, if it goes in at all. So anyway, Chip spent the whole day puking. I am hoping my turn doesn't come!! I am planning on making the drive to Atlanta with the kiddos on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving weekend, but knowing my luck I will start throwing up on Tuesday night .. YAY ME! At least Connor is feeling better!
Still feeling really down about not being able to do the wedding shoot. Kinda got my hopes up a bit. I want to turn this "hobby" into a career!! I have a problem with throwing myself out there, and trying to build a business on my own ... but you know what they say, "you want something done right, then do it yourself." So, I a thinking about doing just that. I need to figure out the specics. What all is involved in the business end of it. It is all well and good to say I am going to do it, but it is quite another thing to actually accomplish that goal. I have to come up with a name, but I think I might have done that. I need to build a portfolio, with more than just pics of my gorgeous kiddos. I need to ADVERTISE myself. I have to actually leave my house :)
This is the closest I have come to saying these things to anyone other than my ShutterBuddy Candy. I think these things, but I feel like a fool saying them outloud. It is hard to speak of our dreams. I wouldn't tell you about dreams of flying monkeys in cornfields ... I would seem crazy, huh?! That is how I feel about talking about photography. I am so afraid that someone is going to say "Seriously, you are not that good!" Or, "you can't actually make money doing that!" Or even worse "what a brilliant idea!" Because if I try, and if I fail ... and you know!! oh how much worse it would be than just keeping my dreams balled up tight in my chest, hidden deep within!
So, this has come away from talking about my hubby's stomach bug ...
What do you think of the name :

Tick Tock Photography
(your moments, frozen in time)
now I just have to make myself hit the "publish post" button ...


Anonymous said...

Katherine Hepburn Photography must have been taken.

Katherine Hepburn Photography
(your moments, smeared in time)

I've got a tick Photography

Say "Butt-Cheese" Photography

Legally Blind Photography
-say "Cheese" real loud so I can hear where you're standing.

Space Monkey Photography
-just sounds right!!

I'm not right. jb