Thursday, November 13, 2008

116 yeah, I took more pictures at the cemetery ...

I am sure you are tired of looking at pictures of Elmwood Cemetery, but I am going to put up another slideshow anyway. I only had about half the "keepers" on the last post. Next post will have pics of the kiddos, don't worry :)

Our trip to the cemetery was full of silly jokes, that I am sure just seem plain dumb if you weren't there. I was making a comment that one of the statues had lost its arm, and Candy responded with "Maybe that's how she died!" Which was pretty funny at the time, but got even more funny when I found a headless statue. So, of course I commented that maybe that was how she died, but Candy did not think it likely. I bet a lot more people have died from losing their heads than losing an arm ... dontcha think :)
Or finding a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes laying next to a grave. It seemed the perfect caution against smoking.
And the best was when Candy came running up to me "I got a picture of a ghost!" And how cool would that be ... and she shows me a picture of a Mylar Ghost balloon that had been tied to a grave. We had talked about how the theory is that ghosts can be captured by photography ... but no ghosts for us.
Although Candy would say the best was watching me run/flit across the graveyard trying to get a picture of the coming train. We did not know the trains would come every 15 minutes!! Or maybe when I "flew" to the next big monument. Or maybe when I kicked the van into reverse to try to get another shot of an oncoming train. It sure looked a lot slower than it was :)
Also, there were a few statues that bore striking resemblances to Gone With the Wind characters. I saw Ashley Wilkes and Doctor Meade! There were also a few Grover Cleveland-esque statues around.
I am sure they enjoyed the sound of laughter a lot more than the pounding of the trains!!