Wednesday, November 19, 2008

119 The Good Ol' Days

My friend Candy and I were talking about cameras, okay ... so we were IMing about cameras. Anyway, we started talking about old cameras. I am lucky enough to have three of my grandfather's old cameras. I have a Brownie Flash Six-20, a Voigtlander Vito CL, and a Sears TLS. The Brownie is in pretty rough shape. At least on the outside it is, but the inside seems to be pretty clean. The Voigtlander is complete with manual. The Sears is HEAVY! I have had these cameras for a while, but I have never had the time (or the guts) to really take them out for a test drive, but I think that is going to change. I found the manuals for the Brownie and the Sears camera online. Now I just have to find a replacement for the 625 mercury battery that was in the Sears camera, and whatever Kodak 620 film is these days. There are ways to make these cameras work, and I just need to find them. I have a few pictures my Granddaddy took, but my Mom has a whole tub full in Atlanta. I would love to add to those pictures with some of my own. If anyone knows where these pictures were taken I would love to know. I did log onto a website about bridges and posted a comment with this picture. It is likely that the bridge is over the Mississippi River, but I am not exactly sure which bridge it is. The Memphis Bridge does not have peaks nearly that tall. Of course that is now, but I don't know whether the bridge has had a facelift somewhere along the line. There is a bridge in Missouri called the Cairo Bridge that looks similar. Of course, at this time all the bridges looked like this one.

I love these old pictures! I just wish I knew where they were, and why he thought they were important. I know there are a ton of pictures he took during the war in the tub at Mom's house. I want a laptop so bad so I can scan them in while I am home ... or Mom can just trust me to bring the huge Rubbermaid container of pictures to Mississippi ... *hint hint*

I just wish I had him here to tell me about them ....


Anonymous said...

I found that bridge. Google Old Hwy 80 bridge Vicksburg, Ms. Thanks to Southern Living and an add for Vicksburg.