Monday, November 3, 2008

112 Memphis Rock'n'Romp

This was only our second time to attend Memphis Rock'n'Romp, but it was even better than the last one!! This time it was at the ...

It was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful weather and the Mississippi River rolling in the background. The grounds were great. There were sculptures scattered about, although some were wrapped in yellow CAUTION tape to keep the kiddos from impaling themselves. Katie's friend Mia went with us, so she had someone to run with. And run they did. They had a great time playing with each other, but they have not ventured too much into playing with the new kids yet. Katie still did not have someone to dance with though. Well, they did dance a little bit off to the side, but I think Katie wanted to be in front of the band. Maybe the trick is to bring 3 kids together. I may have to try that next time, as long as I can get another parent to tag along with me.
We were running late as usual. We totally missed the first band, and we got there just as The Barbaras were about to take the stage. I was surprised that The Barbaras were led by a skinny white guy in spandex shorts. Not surprisingly they were quite silly. Luckily I had gone back to the blanket before the next band because they were LOUD!! I guess the fact they were named the True Sons of Thunder should have tipped us off. They were loud, and pretty much BAD. But the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the day was The Luv Clowns featuring Harlan T. Bobo!! This was so awesome. Everyone was gathered in front of the stage area, sitting around waiting for the show to start. And everyone sat there with huge smiles on their faces the whole time. Well, Katie was a bit iffy about the whole situation. She was sitting smack dab in the middle of the front row. Which surprised me since the last time she saw clowns she would not go anywhere near them. She has gotten over that total fear. She acknowledges that they are just people in funny clothes and makeup, but she was still a bit undecided on whether she likes them or not. She did say she thought it was funny when one of them got hit in the face with a piece of cake. And who wouldn't laugh at that?!?!
The day ended the same way the last RnR did, with rolling down a hill. Only this time the hill was HUGE! Irresistable to my little daredevil. I did warn her that she had reached her quota on ER visits, so she had to be careful. That got a bit of a chuckle from a Dad behind me. Of course this was prompted by the fact she decided to run down the hill instead of rolling, and she ended up doing a rolling flip at the bottom. I am still unsure as to whether the roll was planned or accidental.
I was completely exhausted ... but the girls were still going strong. Kids amaze me with their boundless energy. Yeah, I know they are supposed to be that way, but it just seems UNNATURAL!!
Okay, here are the pics (more here)

Another great Rock-n-Romp!! I was so glad to see my bloggin' buddies from Memphis, and I am pretty sure they were excited to see their stalker, too ... I mean, blog reader. I was completely shocked to be greeted at the welcome table with "Hey CarrieJ!" Made me feel right at home, thanks Other Chip!!