Thursday, November 20, 2008

120 Love Thursday

Love Thursday is a weekly posting of, you guessed it, images of LOVE! Yeah, sneaky huh?!?!

This is from a blog I read regularly, Chookaloonks ---

Well, Love Thursday is back. Here's how it works:
A few years ago, I was enthralled by a simple photograph that my friend Irene had posted on her blog -- a simple heart-shaped leaf, with the caption "love is (really) all around, and so the feeling grows." I noticed that she was right: images and other signs of love appear everywhere, if only you look.
And so, here on Chookooloonks, I (re)launch a weekly tradition: on Thursdays, I invite you to share your own links to images or stories of love here in the comments section. I hope you will. It's wonderful seeing how much love there is in the world.

So, back to me :) I have never posted a picture before, but I took this one last week and it seems to fit right in.
And here is my picture ...
Who doesn't LOVE a heart-shaped leaf?? And of course, I thought I should play with it a little, give it a little love :)


Kath said...

This is gorgeous! I love what you did in post-processing. Happy Love Thursday!

Liz said...

Beautiful pics.

Jamie said...

Love the pink one! Great job. HLT!

CarrieJ said...

Any image of love ... heck, if you write poetry or prose, write about love. Just any expression of love, at least that is what I got out of it :)