Monday, November 3, 2008

111 Smell My Feet

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat
If you don't
I don't care
I'll pull down your underwear!

Can you imagine if kids yelled this out at someones house today! When we were kids, it was still cute. Now people are freaked out (and rightly so) about child molesters and kids growing up too fast. I would be absolutely shocked to hear my daughter say she wanted to pull down someone's pants, even as a joke. Maybe it is just because I so dread her growing up. I want her to maintain her sweet innocence as long as possible.

I finally got the house decorated a little bit on Halloween. I did not have time for a big production, but I think it turned out pretty spooky anyways.

I got to take some pics of the nutballs before it was too dark. Katie had worn her costume to school, she is Hannah Montana if you can't tell :)! Grammy made her dress! Connor is a pirate. Can't you tell by the striped pants? It came with a shirt, vest, and sash but he ended up just staying in his t-shirt.

And did I mention that Connor's head is SO BIG that I had to cut into his hat and put elastic?!?

I just wanted to be in the spirit of Halloween, but I may have just ended up confusing the trick-or-treaters. I turned off the porch light, but I doubt that anyone payed attention to that. In fact there were a LOT of lights out. I think most of the houses have kids of the trick-or-treat age so we are all out with them. The main thing is running around with your friends, and Katie definitely got to do that! We had talked about her friend Seyerra going with us, but when I tried to call and find out when she wanted to come over I could not get anyone on the phone. So, I got Katie all ready, and Connor all ready, loaded up the hoopdee (stroller), and we were off. We headed up towards Mia's house and almost immediately met up with them. Katie actually went to the first house with her buddy Jacob and his little sis. The rest of the night was spent with Mia and various others.

We walked down the street, then we ended up on a trailer behind a 4-wheeler. Lots of houses and lots of fun and a ton of candy! We only ended up with a few casualties. We had one scared to tears at one house, and another that fell once and got run over another time (also at the scary house). For once my child was not the one tumbling down. As hard as that is to believe! Connor was good through it all, of course. He is just the sweetest little thing. At the very worst he is going to want to be held. He is used to being toted around behind Katie. Poor guy! We were out until almost 9pm. Connor had fallen asleep, and most of the lights were out. I thought we were the last trick-or-treaters until I noticed some people pulling up at our house and heading to the door. We had just dropped Mia off at her house, so I hightailed it home to at least give out some candy. We were home for the very first and the very last trick-or-treaters. Katie got a huge haul of candy, and she had a blast. Another complete success!

And did I mention that Chip dressed up for work. His buddy Jeff stopped by and the rode in together. You ever hear the one about the Monk and the Redneck ....


charity said...

What is Chip suppose to be? The mad butcher?

CarrieJ said...

HE'S A MONK!!!!!
Only problem was that the only monk costume was a "GOTH" monk. Awesome!!