Friday, November 21, 2008

121 I have learned ...

a) I visit my blog WAY more than anyone else
b) not all stomach bugs last 24 hours
c) don't get your heart set on anything that requires another person
d) I really, really hate cleaning and sanitizing
e) I play with pictures way too much!
f) John and Marlena are getting the ax ...

-So, I put in the Live Tracker thingy, and I see that of 10 visits, most were from me. To be fair I do use my blog to link to other blogs I read frequently. I can glance down the sidebar and see which ones have updated. Easy Peasy.
-Connor threw up again tonight. So, if anyone is keeping up with that ... Once Tuesday morning, once Thursday morning, and once Friday night. And, add on top of that the massive amounts of butt-splats ... I am TIRED of cleaning and changing diapers! Poor little guy. He really has been good considering he must feel like a pile of poo. He wants his mommy, but as long as he has me he is pretty content.
-I will not be doing a wedding shoot. It was going to be "too complicated" and weird with multiple places and shoots. Wedding one place, stop at another to shoot formals (which happens to be a cemetery), and the reception. I am a little relieved since Connor is sick, but if I do decide to start shooting weddings I can't exactly take off because my kiddos get sick. I don't think any bride out there would be understanding about the fact there are no pics of her wedding because my kid had butt-splats. Ya think ... I was totally prepared to go. The in-laws were coming to babysit. I am a bit heartbroken. I wanted to give this a try, but looks like it will have to wait now. We are going to try, it just won't be tomorrow.
-Did I mention how TIRED I am of cleaning and sanitizing!! Okay, so I am doing a massive sanitizing effort. Above and beyond the call of Mom-duty. I can't let my baby get all pukey again!!
-I played around with some new effects in Elements, so darn cool! It is hard to stop playing with digital photos. There are so many things you can do to them!

you can just clean them up and make them bright and sharp ...
you can play with the hue can apply a filter, like Solarize ...
You can play with the Hue, then Solarize ... It really is just too much fun!!
Which also brings me to the color we picked out for the upstairs bathroom. See the blue in the last picture? Yeah, I might be crazy, huh! It is about that color. Gorgeous color, just don't know how it is going to be for a bathroom. Katie wanted blue ...
-And finally, the most distressing news. A friend forwarded this link to me. John and Marlena on Days of Our Lives are being fired ... and this time it might be for good. Apparently they are trying to cut back on their expenses and John and Marlena make the most money. So much for job security! If Marlena can't keep a job then who can!?!? John, ehhhh ... he only has two expressions and an eyebrow raise, not a big loss.