Tuesday, November 4, 2008

113 No Sticker for Me!

I know that just about everyone I know is disappointed right now. Barack Obama is going to be our President. Chip and I were able to go vote even with the kiddos in tow. In fact, I think it was even faster than getting married at City Hall (which is impressive). I filled in my bubbles (yeah, I live in MS and we still have to fill in bubbles like we are in elementary school) with Connor on my hip. Katie was standing with her Dad, looking around the courtroom. I knew before my ballot was even put in the ballot box that my vote had been cancelled out. Katie saw one of her buddy's father and I have seen his yard sign. But, you know what. I voted for who I wanted to vote for. My Mom and my brothers, and my in-laws don't agree with my vote ... so what! MY vote. And honestly, I don't think it matters either way. The next four years are going to be HARD. Obama has a hard job ahead of him. He may be wishing that McCain had won when he gets in that Oval Office and sees the destruction that has been wrought already. It is going to be a hard 4 years for us all. So, lets not make it worse by complaining right off the bat. Give him a chance to start shoveling away all the crap from this administration. I, for one, am excited about our future. Mainly, I am EXCITED that Bush will no longer be the one in control!! I am just mad that I did not get an "I voted" sticker. I could not have even gotten a free Krispy Kreme if I had wanted one!

In other news, Katie is making huge progress! We have worked harder with her reading. She is getting a lot better at it, and I think mainly she is feeling more comfortable reading. She tends to get frustrated and quit. Big shocker since I am pretty sure that is my M.O. We also might have hit a breakthrough on her math. I really can't tell for sure until I get test results because even though she might know something forwards and back at home she might get to school and not be able to do it for them. We had her orthopedic appointment today, as well. Dr. Sawyer said that he thinks we can do without the nerve test. He did give us some signs to look for that would point us back to the nerve test, but I think she will heal up just fine if she works at it.

Oh, and totally forgot to share! Connor can stand up in the middle of a room by himself. He has been doing it for a little over a week, but I love it every time he does it! There is nothing cuter than watching his little butt toddle around in a pair of jeans! It is the cutest thing ever!

So, in conclusion ... all is right in the world. And if it is not, then it won't be fixed by your griping. I hope that Obama can open your eyes. I hope that people stop believing everything they hear on TV or read on their propaganda pamphlets. I pray that the next four years bring about change. I hope ...