Friday, November 14, 2008

117 Live News

Okay, so enough about the cemetery already!!
The kiddos have been crazy as ever.
Katie had the misfortune of catching the stomach bug that was going around. She spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home with us, instead of going to school. Throwing up does have its perks! Thursday she came home with her make-up work and stuff to study for her test TODAY! Well, she brought home some of the stuff. One of the main things is the story they are supposed to read each week from the book that they only send home on Wednesday. Oh, they still sent home the sheet of paper I have to sign to confirm that she read the story .. just not the book. And then, today she has a test with most of the questions written in context to the story that she did not read. Yeah, that sounds fair. We worked with her on her spelling words and her vocabulary words. She did great with them here at home, but we have to see how she does under "test pressure". This is not the first time they have "forgotten" to send home the book. I don't care that "book day" is Wednesday ... she has to READ the story!! Also, I don't think they were purposely trying to confuse the kids, but one of their spelling words this week is "THERE" and one of their vocabulary words is "THEIR". I just don't want Katie being penalized because she did not have the story to read, that the vocabulary words come from!!
Not a lot of pics of Katie this week. These are from Saturday. How cute is she?!?!
Connor is adorable, as usual. He is trying to run now. I took something from him and walked into the kitchen and he came running after me so fast! He definitely has the "red headed temper"!! And it makes it even funnier that he bows his arms out behind him to balance out his tummy! Is it wrong to think he is the cutest thing ever when he is mad at me?? He also is playing with cars making "car sounds". He actually has done that for awhile, but not consistently. He loves the computer and will bang away at the keyboard. He loves all keyboards though. He has taken over Katie's old Barbie piano for his own. He is constantly composing his own music for us. Hmmm, wonder if I can paint that thing black ... the pink just is not his color! And Connor went FORWARD FACING on Sunday. Very exciting for him. He can finally watch movies with Katie. I am pretty sure Connor was begging for food in these pictures. You can see that we starve him to death! And I finally got a picture of those little pearlies!

And in other news ... Brady Black is back on Day of Our Lives ... well, the character, not the actor that played him. I hate when they switch actors!! I know you were dying for an update!