Friday, July 31, 2009

274 Girl's Weekend 2009 - NOLA

I can't believe I actually did it. I managed to leave the kids for a weekend. I didn't even cry, although it was close when Connor refused to let go of my shirt and clung to me like a monkey. Katie was just excited that her Mimi and Pop Pop were coming up to stay for a few days, and it didn't phase her too much that Mommy would be gone. And Chip? I am pretty sure that he was not looking forward to being the sole parent for a night, but he managed not to cry.

Andrea and I loaded up the minivan, and we headed South! We brought along movies, but they never made it into the DVD player (well, not on the ride down at least). We spent the ride between Memphis and Oxford getting caught up and laughing ... A LOT. In Oxford we made our first pick-up. We were just in time to see little Molls and give JoeB a hug before we added Julie into the van and headed even further South. Just north of Jackson, MS we made our second and final pick up. We got to see Tracy's new house (which is gorgeous) and admire Anna Catherine's closet (which is huge) and give all our Crawford's big hugs! Then we loaded up the rest of the stuff and headed off on the final leg of our trip to NOLA!! We talked and laughed our way all the way down. Its a good thing since we didn't make it to Katy's until about 2AM, and all the laughing kept me awake. And of course we couldn't fall into bed until we had all talked and laughed for about an hour. Suffice it to say, there was A LOT of talking and laughing all weekend long.

We had to be up and out of the house on Friday so someone could come by and do a home inspection, and where else are we gonna go in New Orleans than to the French Market!? On the way we had to drive down some of the Mardi Gras parade routes and I just love how all of the trees are wearing beads.

We grabbed lunch at The New Orleans Cafe.

Several of us bought prints from this shop. Julie bought enough to decorate the soffets in her kitchen.
And then ... on the way back to the car, we passed a Margaritaville! And of course, we were hot and tired and in need of a nice cold drink! Some of these pics are from Tracy and Julie, you can tell which ones because I am actually in them)

On the way back to our cars we had to pass back by the Dutch Alley Artist's Co-op. If you get a chance to go in, you really must. AMAZING artists!! You can also follow the link to check out their online site. I couldn't afford an original, but I did get a print from one of my favorite artists, Terry Schwall.

New Orleans is (was) the home of Jax Beer. Several of my online friends have taken to referring to me simply as Jax, so I had to take a picture of this sign.

We met one of our college buddies and his fiancee at a little bar Friday night. I did not take the big camera in the bar, so all of these pictures are courtesy of Tracy and Julie.

One of the women at the bar came over and offered to take a picture of our whole group. Not out of the kindness of her heart, but because she kept mistaking the camera flashes as police car lights.
And then, we took our old, exhausted selves to Dot's Diner. The coffee was hot and .... well, it was open.
The food left a bit to be desired, but after a few drinks it tasted pretty good. The big hit of the night was the bottle of butter. Oh yeah, you read that right, a BOTTLE of butter (think mustard and ketchup squirt bottles). I did not have a use for it, but I am sure it would have been very handy. *shudder*
On Saturday we needed to go pick up Riley from cheer camp. Katy hesitantly told us they would be doing a little demonstration of what they learned if we wanted to go. OF COURSE WE WANTED TO GO! One of the best things about these girls is that we not only love each other, but we love each others kids. You couldn't have kept us from going and smiling and clapping like she was our own. And seriously, how CUTE is she!!??
Saturday night was our final night, and we headed out to dinner. We were nodding over our food. It took effort not to fall asleep. So Sad! But, when we got back to the house we rallied. We spent the night talking and laughing into the wee hours. Luckily we had picked up Katy's brother earlier int he day and he was able to take another group shot of us in front of the taxi :). Poor girls forgot how to open their own doors that weekend, gotta love the power doors. I hope they weren't too disappointed when they got home and had to open their own doors.
So, I survived my first weekend without the kids. They did okay with Mimi and Pop Pop, but they were glad to get me back home. Katie had a fever, and Connor just needed mommy snuggles. It has been tough getting Connor re-adjusted to going to bed. I think he is still afraid I won't come back. Hopefully he will have an easier time NEXT YEAR!!! I can't wait!!


margie said...

good for you!! a weekend away is the best medicine. especially when it comes with a marguerita and all that laughter.