Thursday, July 16, 2009

265 Hotlanta - take 1

After a few days with the in-laws, we came home so I could pack up again. I was planning on leaving Tuesday (June 30th) to head home, but Mom suckered me into staying one more day in Mississippi so I could "rest". I wanted to be there for her birthday!! But she told me that she really had a ton of work to do and she would probably be working late anyway ... so, I decided that I would wait one more day. AND THEN SHE LEFT WORK RIGHT ON TIME! I know, I know! It was her birthday, and I am glad she did not have to work late, but I would have been there had I known! Like I said, I got suckered.

But I was able to get a new phone on that extra day, so not a complete loss. I wanted an iPhone, but we just are not up to paying for that "smartphone" plan. Seriously, if you are paying that much you should NOT have to pay extra for texting! I got a Samsung Eternity, and it is about as close as you can get to an iPhone without buying the iPhone. It has a 3 megapixel camera. It is 3G. I was looking forward to some cool photo editing apps, but I am sure there are some out there for this phone, too. I was mainly concerned with being able to keep track of my Twitter friends. Yeah, I am that dork. I needed to be able to check my email. You know, normal stuff. Without access to a computer I had to rely on my phone. It didn't let me down. Well, there were a few blogs that were unreadable because it formatted white type over a white background, but other than that ... pretty darn good.

So, we loaded up the van and headed off on Wednesday. Really it just made it easier ... when I uploaded pics they all wound up in the July folder. Nothing more annoying than having pictures from a trip scattered all over two months! GASP! I have to look at the bright-side since I wasn't there on Mom's birthday. We spent most of the daylight driving, but there was enough left to pick some blackberries in Grammy's yard. And of course there was plenty of time for Grammy to get in a ton of hugs and kisses! I think she missed us.

On Thursday I turned 32 ... there really isn't much to say about that. I had a great day though! I hoped back in the car to drive up to Monroe, GA to catch the 365 Exhibit of Stephanie Roberts! I originally heard about Stephanie through Shutter Sisters. I knew she was a wonderful photographer, but that is about all I knew until I met her on Twitter. I sent her a message asking if the exhibit would still be up and she immediately responded by saying "yeah, let me know when you are coming and I will meet you there" (or something to that effect)! It was so nice to be able to see her entire year of pictures on the wall! She set the showing up perfectly. All 365 days of shots were clipped onto wires on panels that were about 10 feet high by 4 feet wide. It gave you the feeling of a whole YEAR of days, but you were able to look at each one. You could watch the passage of time. A really inspiring show! And as if that was not enough, there was a group of teenagers that wandered into the Monroe Art Guild and Stephanie took the time to talk to them. She was really encouraging and informative. (these pics are off my phone. Sadly I forgot to raise the resolution so these are at the lowest resolution)In the same situation I would have clammed up. I am not so good with the words ... After we checked out the exhibit, we headed to the other side of town to hit a local ice cream shop. On the walk through town we suddenly heard GOATS! It was one of the strangest things to hear, even walking through a small town. We turned to see this truck, with goats in tow. I can only hope they were off on a happy journey! Stephanie treated us all to ice cream (Katie had to have TWO scoops of Strawberry Cheesecake flavored) and we were able to talk for a little while. And then of course I had to get the wee Shutter Sister to take a pic of us. Please visit the link for Stephanie above! She has many exciting things coming up. The biggest being Picture Hope, which is a collaboration between Stephanie and Jen Lemen that involves a journey to Rwanda! An amazing trip that will be sure to inspire you.

We met Grammy back at the house before we headed out to have Mexican with some of my favorite people to visit while in Atlanta. And a good thing we did, since two of the three left town the next day! We even managed to make it out of the restaurant without me having to wear a sombrero!! And then we all went to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain! I have not been in at least 10 years, and I have wanted Katie to see it for quite a while now. It was not nearly as good as it used to be, but then I am one of those girls that thinks things shouldn't change! The company more than made up for it. Connor was not a huge fan though. He spent the whole show in my lap, curled against me. He never cried, but he did not want to let go. He did manage to fall asleep during "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" which isn't a surprise since I have been singing it to him at bedtime since he was a wee one. It really was a pretty darn good birthday. I met a new friend, spent time with some old friends, and I had my Mom and my kids with me. The only thing that was missing was my hubby!

WOW ... I may not be good with speaking the words, but I sure as heck can babble on while typing. I was hoping to knock out a few more days of the trip, but I am wearing myself out. Hope no one fell asleep trying to read this post. I apologize :)