Wednesday, July 22, 2009

268 Escape from Atlanta - The Little White House

So, my mom corrected me. We actually did not stay in Pine Mountain, We stayed in Warm Springs, GA which is the home of The Little White House. FDR had this home built close to the Warm Springs in hopes that the waters would cure, or at the very least help lessen the effects of polio. He never received any lasting benefits from the springs, but he received untold benefit from the people around him. FDR did not hide from the "common man" but he would seek him out. He would ask questions and then he would actually listen to the answers.
FDR designed his own way to drive without the use of his legs that used hand controls.
The Little White House is a small three bedroom, two bath home. The architect tried and tried to get FDR to approve a more grandiose home, but he was adamant about the simple home he wanted to escape to. His room consisted of a single bed and a LARGE desk. There was a room for Eleanor or the kids to use when they would visit, and there was a bedroom for his secretary. There is also a separate guest house and a separate house that the cook and FDR's valet would share. The servants bedrooms were not much smaller than FDR's room.
FDR passed away on April 12, 1945 while sitting for this portrait.
The pools that were built to catch the water from the Warm Springs are now empty, and there is only a small tub of water to dip your hands in, but the pools were HUGE.


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