Thursday, July 30, 2009

273 Love in the Street

I am not sure what this is, probably gum. I came across this little bit of street art while walking Katie to her friends house. Thank goodness for camera phones (and also, I apologize for the pic from my camera phone). My neighbors think I am weird enough without hauling my camera out to take pictures of a blob of gum in the street. Well, most of my neighbors. I do have one neighbor that would probably grab her camera and come out to see what I am taking pictures of ... and take pics of me taking pictures of the street and laugh her butt off at me for years. Did I say neighbor? What I meant to say is friend! Because who doesn't want to be friends with the girl who is just as weird as she is?! Seriously, how often do we come across people who share our passion? I am lucky enough to have one within a camera toss from my house. (my heart hurts a little thinking about throwing a camera)
So, Candy ... this blob of gum in our street is for you. A girl after my own heart.
No no ... the blob on the left!
The blob on the right confuses me. Sometimes I think, stork delivering a baby. Sometimes it looks like the illustrations of the Emperor in Mulan (or that type look) - beard blowing in the wind. Pelican diving for fish? Santa Claus?
But that blob on the left ... definitely a HEART!
Happy Love Thursday y'all! Visit Chookooloonks for more Love Thursday .... ummm, love.


BenLand said...

hahaha....this made me laugh...just last week i was sitting on the porch with my boys and i ran in the house for may camera...when i came back out i heard my neighbor [an older man w/a hearing problem] say, "there she is with that damn camera again"...hahaha....i couldn't be angry b/c i was laughing too hard!!!

great picture...