Wednesday, July 15, 2009

263 Presley Turns One!

Our very first Great Niece turned one recently, and of course my camera was in attendance. Who could resist with such a cute wee one? I admit, I went a little crazy with the camera. I weeded out as many "extra" shots as I could, but these were the ones I HAD to share. I know, I have a tendency to overshare ... but hey, one picture or fifty - same difference. I just don't see a reason to keep pics buried on my computer where no one will see them.
Presley had such a sweet party. We actually arrived a bit late. We missed out on the present opening, but we did make it in time for the cake. Katie had fun running with her cousins. She just adores them! Connor was busy charming everyone, and he eventually warmed up to Presley. He is not used to Mommy pointing the camera at anyone else, but I think he appreciated the respite. Presley had the most adorable little birthday tutu I have ever seen! It was so amazingly FLUFFY! Her sweet little legs barely peeked out the bottom when she walked. She was starting to get tired, and she was past the cooperative stage, but I still tried to get a few pics. My favorites are unposed (but it is a thin line), and my very favorite is one of Presley running away and you can see her Daddy and their dog, just a blur in the background. It just captures their lovely family to me. If Mommy had made it in the picture it would have been perfect.
Happy Birthday Presley! We look forward to seeing you grow more beautiful each year!


rachel whetzel said...

OH my GOSH what a cutie!!

Kathleen Tennant said...

Ok, so could those "photo subjects" get any more better looking??? OMG how beautiful! Oh and Connor running in the sprinkler..great running form. Maybe you have a runner. LOL