Wednesday, July 15, 2009

264 Love Thursday

I have missed a few weeks, but I have been taking my pics all along. At least now I have a backlog of love ... and how could that be a bad thing?
This heart shaped stone was in the driveway in front of The Little White House in Warm Springs, GA. There were several, but I am pretty sure that people were a little scared of the crazy lady taking pictures of the driveway, so I just took the one. I will share more about the Little White House later, but I had to share my found heart.
HAPPY LOVE THURSDAY! if you are feeling the urge to share the love check out Chookoolonks where all this Love Thursday stuff began!


margie said...

what a lucky find!! see a heart pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck. slight variation on the original but it works. hlt.

Sara said...

I always feel so excited when I find hearts like that. Like it's a secret message to me. HLT!

Kathleen Tennant said...

You find hearts in the craziest spots. I always look forward to seeing where they'll be each week.