Wednesday, July 22, 2009

269 Escape from Atlanta - Wild Animal Safari

To round out our second day on our adventure we visited the Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain, GA. Obviously, this will be mainly pictures. Katie wasn't the only one enjoying the ride. Connor just laughed and laughed at all the animals he could see.We have a DIVA!Our first meeting with a Zonkey!Now THAT is a rack!!Hey, what's a bovine to do? No fingers to pick your nose ... Yeah, I tend to act a little silly ... Their tongues are VERY long and VERY muscular. BLECH!!Katie took this picture of the baby pig, and I think she did a wonderful job! Little guy was on the wrong side of the car, and she just had to have a picture of him.
How CUTE is this baby zebra?? I am pretty sure that this is the zebra that bit a chunk out of the bug guard on my passenger window. How many people get to report "slight zebra damage" when they go to sell their car?
Another Zonkey, I just thought they were adorable!They also had a small area with some animals fenced in that you can pet as well as some BIG CATS that you best not. Connor was SO excited to finally be able to touch an animal! He just loved their slimy noses. Nothing phases that kid (yes, LOTS of hand washing)
Yeah, I made her growl .... what ya gonna do about it?Lucky for me I had a couple volunteers to wash the slobber off the van (not that they could reach the window slobber).


ladylennon said...

LOL, my favorite is the pic with the naked little helper! Looks like you had fun!

BenLand said...

i just love the zebra shots and the one of your little guy in the back seat....he looks so happy to see the animals!!! the butt shot is adorable too......who doesn't love baby butts ?!! heehee

Kathleen said...

Great shots Carries, looks like you had fun! Had I been there I think I would have freaked a little with that giant tongue coming right in the car! ha ha

melody is slurping life said...

LOL loving these shots.

Agreed, the naked "little critter" is the cutest.