Tuesday, July 28, 2009

271 The Condensed Version

We spent a lot of time trying to coax out the cute little stray kitties that have adopted Mom's yard. They were very skittish, but I would have loved to adopt one (or both) of them. Chip might have been more than a little peeved if I had shown up with two new kitties though. Probably for the best ... but aren't they adorable!!??
We had a nice little visit with my Aunt Janice where Katie tried to talk her ears off. I don't think Aunt Janice minded it a bit.
Friday night I escaped without the kids for a little adult time with Julie. We had a great time, just sipping on a few drinks and talking. I can't wait to go out again on my next trip home!
On Saturday night we headed up toward Woodstock, GA for their summer concert series. The kids had a great time dancing and playing. It was a lovely night, not too terribly hot. The main band was Shenandoah. Right before the end of the concert it started to sprinkle and we had to go load up the van.
Sunday, we headed over to the park in Norcross. Mom had been wanting to go all week, so we thought we would let the kids run off some steam before I loaded them up for the drive back home. Katie would have had a great time running around if she had brought a friend along, but she was not having too much fun by herself. Connor was still a little small to appreciate the park, but the newly remodeled park is very nice.

A little lunch with the family and we loaded off and headed back home.

And that concludes our trip to Atlanta ... I am pretty much over this playing catch up thing, but i did want to share the pics :) Back to our regularly scheduled boredom inducing posts!


Linda Woods said...

You could've just told Chip you found the cats in the car when you got home.

Kathleen said...

You should have brought a kitty home, Chip would have been cool with it! Great pictures of the little girls...really great pictures always!