Wednesday, July 29, 2009

272 And then ...

The slip'n'slide made the trip back to Mississippi with us, and it has been used frequently. There are multiple grooves worn into the lawn to prove it. And because we believe in testing our limits, we added the slide into the equation. There is however a slight drop-off from the slide to the slip'n'slide and so it was dubbed "Break Your Booty Day". And then we attempted to revive the pool. Left to its own devices for a few days it had reverted to a slime filled pond, but we drained and bleached it, so it was ready to go AGAIN (dang the water company LOVES us)! The kids can never wait for the pool to fill all the way up, so as soon as it gets over a few inches they are trying to get in. Katie couldn't even wait to swim! At least I didn't have to worry about her sinking.

And then, in Atlanta we had found a "Decorate your own Lamp" kit at Goodwill for $4.54, and who can say no to that?? Katie had a blast decorating her lamp with first Kaitlyn for the painting, and later with Mia for the embellishing. She ended up with a pretty cool little lamp ... and one worth a bit more than $4.54 after she discovered my rhinestones. All those old scrapbooking supplies are getting used in various ways these days.-of course Connor had to use the paint. I had a papier mache bowl from last year that needed some color. And then, we had Kaitlyn's birthday party. It was nice and overcast, but if the sun came out for more than a minute we started to sweat. I managed to bring my camera without the memory card again ... by the time I made it back from the quick run to our house they had opened presents and sang Happy Birthday. That's okay, it was on to the waterslide and Connor's first meeting with a trampoline. And a pinata!

And then we headed down to Oxford to visit our nephew and his family. It was an impromptu visit since Chip's parents had decided to go down for a visit. We got to hang out and the boys were able to get in a round of golf together. Connor loved playing with Chiefer (also known as the best dog EVER). This dog is so gentle and so patient! I am so sad that he has been "fixed"!!
I was able to escape for a little walk around the Ole Miss campus. Just like the first time I walked around when we brought Geof out right before my Junior year of high school, this place always feels like home! I breathe easier here. It is calming to me to walk around campus (especially now that I am not on my way to class).
This is the Walk of Champions that the Ole Miss Rebels walk down before every home game. It leads through The Grove where thousands will be tailgating. The Grove was a Civil War battleground (like most of the South).
In the area in front of the Lyceum is a statue to commemorate the Confederate dead.
And in the area behind the Lyceum is a fairly new statue that depicts James Meredith's historical entrance into Ole Miss.
I spent A LOT of time at the J. D. Williams Library during my time at Ole Miss. Not that I was a bookworm (okay, so I really am) but I worked there. I am very good at alphabetizing and counting by decimals.
Since we have left Ole Miss they have converted it into a walking campus. Where this fountain sits used to be a parking lot.
And where this building is ... parking lot and road.
We had more fun in the pool, of course. One of these days we will get to the "floating around, soaking up the sun" phase, but for now it is all cannonballs and splashing.
And then, another birthday party. This one was for our sweet little Cheyenne who turned two!!

And then .... it was a fabulous Girl's Weekend in NOLA! coming up next!


Kathleen said...

I love the lamp Katie made! It turned out great! Sounds like you had such a great time. Those slip n slides are awesome!!

Meryl said...

Yay for slip'n'slides and kiddos who are fearless enough to run and slide down them!