Thursday, August 6, 2009

275 Back to School

We spent all day yesterday shopping for back-to-school supplies. We bought the requisite first day of school outfit (which Katie wanted to wear today - we said no). We bought the MASSIVE amount of things on the school list. And I do mean massive. You have to think, there are approximately 25 kids in each class. The supply list asks for 5 boxes of tissues! 125 boxes per classroom. There are three grades in this school, about 8 classes per grade. WHERE ARE THEY STORING ALL THE BOXES OF TISSUES!!!??? And each kid has to bring in FOUR bottles of hand sanitizer, one container of Lysol wipes, and a container of baby wipes. How dirty are our children? Their hands are going to dry up and crumble. Not to mention all the packs of paper, dry erase markers, and permanent markers. Oh, and they had to bring in a box each of ziploc bags in snack, quart, and gallon sizes. Does the school budget not cover anything anymore?? Why can't they just buy what they need IN BULK and then divide by the number of kids? I would much rather pay a fee than search multiple stores to fill a list. Yeah yeah, there are kids who can't afford to pay the fees. Fine, maybe one of the almost weekly fundraiser events could be to cover their supplies. One of my friends went to eight different stores searching for a pack of construction paper. And while they are at it, can they just put on the list NO LICENSED CHARACTERS. We had to find cool notebooks. Couldn't make do with the $.15 notebooks.

Gone are the days when you bought a pack of pencils and a new Trapper Keeper each year. And I can almost promise you that we did not have to bring FIVE boxes of Kleenex to school.

I am pretty proud of Katie for picking out a backpack and a lunchbox WITHOUT Hannah Montana (or any other character) on it!

It wasn't so very long ago that I was dreading Katie's first day of kindergarten. Sure, we had a good reason to worry about her going to school. She is diabetic, and other than a babysitter with medical training, she had never been away from us for any period of time. We caught a break when we found out she has monogenic diabetes and she went on pills. Once the blood sugar was under control, and she was settled in I started to enjoy having a few hours of peace every day ... well, for two months I did. Then I was glad that I did not have to worry about her being jealous of Connor receiving the bulk of the attention. I had guilt free baby time during the day, and lots of family snuggles at night. The first summer vacation passed quickly, and she was off to the 1st grade.

This summer vacation has not passed as quickly. I am totally looking forward to a little downtime! I feel horrible for saying that, but I can't wait!!! I have had enough attitude to last me through the school year. I think she is ready to go back, too. She wants to see someone other than her family and her little circle of friends. I can't blame her. I bet the tune will change when they take their first test.

Just a few more days to hold on to my sanity. I can't wait to get her back on a schedule, and then Connor back on a schedule. I think I can make it that long ... I hope I can!

And I get to add another first day of school picture to the group :) now to decide whether to let her ride the bus ......


Linda Woods said...

You have to BUY stuff for the other students, TOO?! WTF? If you are being asked to provide tissue and hand sanitizer for people you did not give birth to, are not married to, and do not share blood with, they can take whatever damn brand YOU can afford or want to give them.
Your princess is adorable :)

Tracy said...

School budgets have been cut so much that many schools can't afford the supplies you listed and many others. At one point I had to buy my own copy paper because the school couldn't afford it. When the state has to cut it's budget, education is always the first on the chopping block. Some districts have had to let teachers go because there's no money in the budget for salaries. It's sad. Everyone wants children to get a good education but no one wants to supply the money.

CarrieJ said...

with the taxes the state gets from the casinos there should be NO excuse for Mississippi schools to be under funded. Gotta love the re-enforcing of the "government is made of crooks" mentality.
And yeah, we each had to buy a pack of computer paper. there are about 500 kids in the school. That is a LOT of paper :)

Kathleen said...

Yes let her take the bus, it's a good experience for her. Tessa took the bus and survived just fine! Don't feel bad for wishing for school. We all wish for school to start and secretly, I think the kids are equally ready and excited to go back! Sucks they need so much. We're lucky here we can buy the pre-done school supply package if we want. It's awesome!