Tuesday, August 11, 2009

280 The rest of the 1st of 2nd

I totally forgot to mention that Katie's skirt was made by me. I think it is important to continue the tradition of wearing something Mom-made on the first day of school. My girl is much more rockin' than I ever thought of being! (Mom told me last night she was wondering why Katie's skirt looked frayed) And now you know why, too. When she picked out her shirt at Kohl's we also saw a really cute skirt with the "made from old jeans" look and black leggings underneath. Why buy it when you can make it??

I started with an old pair of Katie's jeans. These are 5Ts, but she can also put on her brothers 18month size jeans as Bermuda shorts.
You just rip the seams and realign them, stitch it up, and cut it off. A skirt is born. This is my first short skirt, but I have made full length skirts for Katie as well. In fact, she wore the full length one to her last day of school in 1st grade, I think.
And, of course I had to embellish it a little. Just some simple stitching (and you could not even see it under the shirt she wore). Sorry for the pics, it was night time when I finished the skirt.yes, she is still wearing the skirt, it just got pushed up when she sat in the bus. Good thing she is also wearing those leggings, huh!?While she was at school I made her a little purse our of one of the pants legs I cut off. Oh, and Sharpie markers :) I do love a good Sharpie marker!
We hadn't been home long from our dinner at Chili's to celebrate Katie's first day of school, when the sky went from gorgeous blue with puffy clouds to STORM ... and it went FAST!!! Needless to say, when we tucked away the floats and ran inside I cleared out the closet under the stairs. Luckily, we did not need it, but I had to have it ready. They called this "Significant Weather" in the alert on The Weather Channel site. It looks QUITE significant to me!


ladylennon said...

The skirt is too cute! The purse is great too! Significant is such a cop out weather warning LMAO

Linda Woods said...

Love the skirt and the purse- so cool! Sharpies are the greatest invention ever.

Kathleen said...

You should totally sell those purses!

margie said...

i wish i could sew. no i don't. i wish you could sew for me.