Saturday, August 22, 2009

285 SOOC - Random

I have no idea what this post is going to be about, but I am going to open my recent pics and find a good SOOC shot for you and then I will know what I want to say. Sound good? I hope so, 'cuz here I go ...
Ahhhh yes, swimming ... always a crowd favorite. Well, for the kids at least. Katie has really taken to the water this year. I just wish we had a REAL pool! Connor is just now starting to trust his floaties. This week is the first time he has let us let go of him without screaming. He has even "swam" about 5 feet. And an even bigger leap of faith was swimming to Katie! He does NOT trust his Sissy to keep him safe, but several times this week he has allowed her to touch him in the pool (although he still usually screams bloody murder). So, instead of taking the time to edit these pics right now, I will share the joy that they have found in the pool. I will jump right in and let go!

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melody is slurping life said...

Fabulous and fun. No editing needed with these. Really, I love them all.