Monday, August 31, 2009

288 We did stuff ...

Instead of Breakfast with Mom we had "Memories with Mom" this year. I preferred it to washing down a Pop Tart with 3 ounces of OJ, but I did miss being able to see some of the other moms in the cafeteria. Katie's class made a little video of "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. I tear up everytime I hear or read that book, and this time was no different. I am still taking advantage of these years where Katie is not too embarrassed to have her Mom around.Connor is trying to figure out the potty. Moments after this picture was taken, I heard grunting in the living room. I popped him on the potty JUST in time (I know you wanted to know that). One problem, we threw away all the "boy adapters" that came with the potty when we bought them for Katie, so when he decided to go number one as well he created quite the puddle on the kitchen floor. Yeah, he insists on bringing the potty out of the actual bathroom, you got a problem with that??And Saturday night Katie spent the night at Mia's for her Seventh Birthday. I have no pictures, but I am told it was quite the party. The girls cranked up the Hannah and danced around in the dark with glow sticks. Apparently it was a Hannah Rave. Later in the night they were caught STUFFING BRAS! I am not even sure where they all came up with bras. The picture I saw of Katie looked like she had three boobs. Which is fine with me, boys tend to stay away from the girls with three boobs.
Sunday was the actual party at Chuck E Cheese, better known as Hell. I know, I know ... it is for the kids, but that place drives me crazy! It was Sunday evening and PACKED. We stood in line to get into CEC for about 20 minutes because a group that was coming out had all different numbers. They had to call a manager, and the one girl manning the door could not figure out how to let people in while keeping people in. Oh, how today's young people scare me! But the kids DID have fun, and Mia had a good birthday, so it was all worth it in the end.
We got Mia a Harukima fashion set. Which is essentially a dress form with a opening in the back, and you wrap fabric around and push it into the slot to create clothing. Katie has been asking for one forever, so I am pretty proud of her for picking it out for Mia. She did try to finagle her own set, but ended up putting it back for a mini water cooler (and then she drank about 6 cups of water when we got home). And while it was cute that the kids were caught "stuffing their bras" I am not sure how I feel about THIS being a birthday present for a 7 year old. Okay, I am sure how I feel about it. I don't like it. I don't want our girls growing up so fast. I don't want them to already be trying to force their bodies into a certain image. I want them to be KIDS! For just a little while longer at least.


Kathleen said...

So did the birthday girl get a bra for her birthday? That's just stupid! 7 years old. Crazy, crazy, crazy!! I have managed to avoid a Chuck E Cheese birthday party thus far...I hope I didn't just screw myself now!