Tuesday, September 8, 2009

289 ... and another week goes by

Falling behind once again. I have an excuse! I swear!!

Katie hurt her foot last week (of course it only hurt when she wanted something, like being checked out of school early) and I spent a couple days having lunch at her school, which cut into my me time. And then my Mom came into town for the long weekend, so of course I did not even contemplate updating. We spent our time with the kids and doing a wee bit of junking. OF COURSE we did some junkin'! We even did "junkin'" at Pier One. Aren't these chubby birds adorable?? The little blue guy was on clearance for about three bucks, and the little black bird with his chipped beak was about the same. I blame Jill of Stix on the Beach and her "Bird on Crack" ($5 with shipping) print I couldn't live without (which Katie painted another frame to go with - well, mostly Katie) for my new bird addiction. And LOOK at this find! At the Goodwill Outlet store in Hernando we found this desk for $5.99!!! I was thinking of painting it, but it has a certain charm the way it is. And I got a stack of about 20 of these little magazines. Magazines were supposed to be a quarter each, but the cashier held them up and said "these will be a dollar" ... SOLD!!!! They are chock full of crochet and knit patterns, recipes and household tips. This particular one is from 1982, but most of the ones I grabbed were from the 60's. There was an entire collection of them, and I hated to leave them behind, but I had to talk myself out of adding TOO much more clutter to the house.We stopped at our new Goodwill on the way back home, and I found these sweet little bowls for 59 cents each. The top one is Wedgewood, and the two bottom are Royal Doulton. We did other stuff ... well, not really. We sat around the house, and Grammy soaked up all the grandkiddie goodness she could. Katie demonstrated her swimming skills. Connor charmed her with smiles. We did a little tie dye. Katie had picked up a tie dye set when we were in Atlanta in July, and we just now used it. Turned out SO CUTE, although it did fade A LOT in the wash.Mimi and Pop Pop came out on Sunday for a visit, so the kids were in heaven with all of their grandparents around. Connor had a blast playing with Mimi's wallet.

Katie pouted because I took too many pictures ... as usual.And we saw this hawk in our backyard. It dove into the neighbors tree, rousting out about 20 smaller birds and scaring the poo out of them! I have never seen a hawk this close before (and of course I wasn't that close). I never noticed that the poor things feet are bigger than mine ... Mom headed out early Monday morning. I loved having her here. I just wish she lived closer! Like the next street over. I wish she could spend more time with the kids (and with me). We will be heading to Atlanta next month, but it isn't soon enough.

...And I totally forgot to send birthday presents back with her. I will have to mail them out soon! My nephew is turning 11 today!!



Kathleen said...

Katie's look is FIERCE along with the bikini top and tattoo...watch out Mommy! Love that picture!!!