Sunday, September 13, 2009

293 50 for 50

I recently joined a group on Flickr called 50 for 50. The basic idea of the group is to shoot strictly with your 50mm lens (at least for any pics submitted). It is just a little way to challenge and encourage you to improve your eye. I love things like this. I love having a rule you have to follow. I need that extra nudge to DO something. Honestly, I haven't taken my 50mm lens off my camera since I popped it on 4 days ago. Here are my first three submissions. I am running a day behind. I shoot one day, submit my fave pic the next. There are some fab photographers in this group, and I am loving being able to see how other people use (roughly) the same equipment.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three


Jan said...

Carrie, these are great. Yes, it's nice to have a challenge.

Kathleen said...

I love the chain photo!

DesertNana said...

the 50 is clearly a great lens for you these new photos are wonderful and i love you new header
please email you r address again
fave colors of all of you and the kids sizes. My thrifting adventures will increase greatly as the heat leaves the desert

margie said...

i love my 50 mm and i know that i don't use it often enough. you can be my inspiration today!!