Tuesday, September 15, 2009

294 feeling blah

It has been incredibly overcast around here for the last few days. We have really needed some rain, so I won't complain (too much). But the lighting has been terrible, especially in the house where the grey has not been able to penetrate. I managed to snap a few pics when I wandered outside to change the filter on the pool. But there is very little to take photos of these days in my backyard, so I ended up at the althea again. Mid-morning on Monday we got a call from one of Katie's little friends. She had just tested positive for H1N1 and the girls had spent the night at our house on Friday night!! So, we headed to the school and checked Katie out. We sat at the doctor's office for three hours. Three hours of trying to entertain Connor. Three hours of trying to entertain Katie. Three hours of trying to keep them from touching ANYTHING! We did bring some of our own stuff for them to play with, so it was almost bearable. The toys left no room for my camera *sigh* so I had nothing to play with for three hours. But thank goodness, Flu swabs came back negative on both of them. Strep swabs however ... totally different story. Katie was at the docs last week, and had swabbed negative for strep, but this week she was definitely positive. And Connor also is experiencing his first round of strep. On the way home, we swung through the bank and Katie continued to doodle.

Connor fell fast asleep. Poor little guy was up past his nap time, and he had been poked and prodded. He needed a little shut eye.And Katie had missed her lunch at school, so Daddy let her pick what she wanted to eat. No surprise here.
Hope everyone is healthy out there. I know we are sick of sitting in doctor's waiting rooms!


rachel whetzel said...

blech. say no more. :P

Tracy said...

Poor things! Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. We've somehow by-passed all of the illnesses so far (knock on wood). Chloe had a slight fever last Thursday and Friday and had a very runny nose but her Singulair cleared that right up.

Love the new heading pics, btw