Thursday, September 10, 2009

291 Rorschach Love

I don't think I captured any hearts this week, at least not on my camera. I thought about setting up a shot, but I couldn't find the heart shaped locket I was looking for. I decided I would create a heart. I pulled out my art journal that never gets used (I know ... *GASP*) and started looking for a blank page. I found one, and spread the pages wide... AND THERE IT WAS!

Love unexpectedproving, once again, that love is EVERYWHERE! Love can squeeze in from anywhere. Through the smallest of cracks it can enter our heart and grow. Love WILL find you, and it will find a way to survive and grow.
Happy Love Thursday!
...and of course, I turned this into a journal page.


musicalprose said...


Kathleen said...

OOOOoh you see that heart image on the blank white pages gave me so many images in my head!! Be creative...add to it!

Mac and Melody said...

I get giddy about these unexpected gifts, don't you? Fabulous find and photo.

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