Wednesday, September 9, 2009

290 Rollin'

Skating has come back into fashion in our house. At least for this week. The girls go through phases where they don't want to take their skates off, and then they won't pick them up for a month or more. I think the big prompt on this round of skating was that Mia got a brand new pair of skates. She passed her old ones down to Kaitlyn, and the girls just had to help her learn to skate. It was actually pretty cute watching them "help" Kaitlyn. She had been on skates a few times, but never for any real amount of time. They would be so very helpful for a few minutes, holding her hand and going slow ... and then they would totally forget and take off. At least when the three of them were together one of them would have enough sense to stay with her while the other zoomed off. They took turns in each role.

Skating on the street (AND IN MY HOUSE) was not enough to satisfy them. Mia's Mom had brought up Skate Odyssey as a possibility for Monday, and you just can't beat the Penny A Pound admission. Luckily, we only had to pay for the kids poundage. I thought about skating since Connor stayed home with Daddy, but I decided to hold tight to what little dignity I have left.
The girls had a blast! Katie even tried the LIMBO. Although she wasn't too big on the rules. Who cares? She had fun, and no one would have been fooled if she was the last one in line.Katie's Second Grade teacher was there, too. Katie was so excited! She just adores her teacher this year.And Katie showed off some signature moves. This one looks like the Funky Chicken ... I think she might be trying for an Egyptian mummy type thing here.And this ... I have no explanation for this. She told me later that she could see through her fingers, but she had me in a little bit of a panic. Little Miss Accident Prone does not need to skate blind.Mikey and Tenbye were there for the first hour. Then Mikey threw a fit when his Mom tried to change his too small skates for a pair that fit. He wanted to throw the new skates as far away as possible. Tenbye was going to take the girls home, but I thought it might make more of an impression on Mikey if it was just him that had to leave. Plus, the girls were still having a good time. Katie would have been "so bored" if she was there alone. And of course they had to play games. They racked up, they amassed 500 tickets between them, and then took 15 minutes to pick out what they wanted. (3 glow in the dark rings and 3 Gummy Pizzas)Connor is even trying to get into the skating frame of mind, although I think he was just taking advantage of the added height. ... Keep on rollin'!


Mac and Melody said...

OMG cute! I wanna go skating.