Tuesday, September 30, 2008

99 Putting Off the Inevitable

Every time I start to clean I come up with more and more reasons to not clean, in a cleaning type way. It seemed like the perfect time to move my Grandmother's dressing table from inside the door to the other side of the bed. It is kind of like cleaning since it has just been gathering dust and piles of books and magazines. It really is one of my favorite things and I hate that it has been so overlooked and unused. The mirror in it has seen at least five generations of my family. You can't help but be beautiful when you look in it. That might be because it has become quite aged. The mirror aspect is diminishing. There are streaks and spots to look around. But we like to think it is because it reflects the beauty of the past onto our faces today. I always feel close to my Grandma when I look into this mirror. It is synonymous with her house, with her room. I remember sitting in her room gazing at myself. I remember her, sitting in the burgundy velvet chair in the corner. All of it rolls together into the best moments spent with her. How can you miss someone when they are always so close? Of course I would love to be able to wrap my arms around her (I would have to bend over quite a bit by now) but she is always there. I have never felt like she is gone. She has been watching over me for twenty years now, and I know she is not planning on stopping.
In the process of moving the bedside table and the dressing table I have created an even bigger mess. I would take a picture, but the rest of the room is horrendous!! Oh well ...