Tuesday, September 16, 2008

92 It finally happened ....

Hell has officially FROZEN over. I have had enough and I am not taking it anymore. I finally got tired of stepping over and walking around and repiling all the stuff in Katie's room. I was trying to wait until I had time to do it at one fell swoop, but let's face it! I have an 11 month old and a hubby that sleeps all day. Even that brief reprieve while Katie is at school is not enough since I have to wait until I get the munchkin man down for a nap. Factor in that he is LEARNING TO WALK!! (our step max is at 4, but they are getting less wobbly) and you now know he does not want to nap. He wants to monopolize every single moment of my time that is not already devoted to sipping coffee. Okay, so he is pretty happy amusing himself for a while, but I just can't stand not to mess with him and pick him up for kisses at least every ten minutes. So, waiting for naptime was my only hope. I was just about to start chunking stuff out the window when I realized that I really need to document how BAD her room really is. Mom, I apologize for how embarrassed you are going to be that I am showing how messy Katie's room really was.

And yes, I take most of the responsibility for how bad her room really became. It was pretty full to start with, and then when it was time to do the nursery we had to clear out Katie's toy room, and it had to go somewhere. I had planned on taking my time, but since our bundle of joy was delivered early we needed to get his room ready. We had procrastinated way too long, and as uaul I ended up just going ahead and getting it done, which means everything got shifted into Katie's room with the plan to put it away later. Well, it is definitely later. I did get some of her outgrown LARGE toys out of the room. She had a Cinderella vanity and wardrobe that went to the garage, and her kitchen. The train table was put into the attic to await Connor. Now comes the real fun ... I get to sift through all the tiny little toys that are left. All the makeup and the Polly Pockets. All the stickers and art stuff. Barbie's and Pony's and stuffed animals. Baby dolls and their clothes. HAPPY MEAL TOYS!! Oh, the pile of junk is neverending. Katie has been kicked out of her room until it is completed though. She will enjoy sleeping in the "blue room" or with mommy and daddy. Maybe while I have it cleaned I should go ahead and repaint it. She wants a dark pink color. Apparently "Golden Margarita" is just too sunny and cheerful for her.

I have this weird dream that once I clean her room and give it back to her she will be capable of keeping it clean herself. I am sure that you all enjoyed a good laugh when you read that.... you're welcome!
I also tried to trim her unruly mop tonight. She refused to get a bath first, so I was using the spray bottle method... we will see how it looks in the morning :)


Anonymous said...

What?? I am hear to say blog readers that Hell has not frozen over. I am going to sneak over to Katies room and snap a picture. Just kidding, but words of advice. Sorry, I know I always have words of advice, but it is honestly the teacher in me by heart and soon to be trade, that I give it.
First, she WILL NOT miss any of the toys. That is if you do not tell her what you have discarded or, I guess since the girls are not around I can say "what you have thrown away." Yes, Carrie I did say throw it away! Just put the toys in trash bags at the very least. Then from there you can A. either throw then away (Chris's favorite way) or B. donate them, or C. sell them. Which C. is really the worst option since Katie will propably stumble upon them out in the garage and bring them back inside. It never fails if I leave toys in anything in the garage for more than a day the kids find them and act as if they had been missing and longing for that precise toy. As if.
So with all the above being said, I thought I was doing a good job of disposing of useless, not played with toys. That was until my mother in laws last visit.
She took it upon herself to "organize" Mikey's closet. Cool with me, but she came out with 5 trash bags, full. All the Mcdonalds toys - gone. Two full bags of stuffed animals, train sets, and items she herself had given him. I was schocked, but Mikey has not missed anything. Nothing! He actually enjoys the toys left much more. Okay that's it.
Katie's room does not look that messy, just full of crap.
Set your family free and maybe wake up your hubby up in the process. heh