Sunday, September 21, 2008

93 Just another day in the ER ...

okay, so I am playing catch-up again.
Thursday (which was also picture day),
when I picked Katie up from school she was chasing after her friend Mia and did a header down the hill path. The same path I shake my head at every day, and think if I had the time (and money) I would try to do something about. This path that I walked up and down pregnant. It is rocky and full of divots. The net stuff they put down to slow the erosion is coming out and is ragged. I tell Katie nearly everyday "DON'T RUN!!!!", but then she is not known for listening. Anyways, she fell and stands up holding her arm, so I automatically assume she landed on her arm (did I mention I am carting Connor around on my hip). I picked her up and brought her back up the hill and we sat down and I checked her out. Arm was fine, and she said she was just scared. We went and picked up Sonic, came home and Mia came down. Katie started complaining that her head hurt. And she complained more and more. I tried to give her Tylenol, but ever since she broke her arm that has been a fight, but we finally managed to get them down. She was acting weird, but her pupils looked fine and she said she could see fine, so I let her rest. She fell asleep a few times, but woke up just fine. Well, if you don't count the screaming and crying "I want my Mama!" And that would continue even when I was holding her in my lap. My good friend Charity came over to look her over since she is a nurse, but like I said, she seemed fine. Then she started to complain that her tummy hurt ... and then she puked. She was also saying that it hurt to bend forward. I texted Charity the new developments, and she thought we should take her on in to the ER. So, off to the ER we go. We got there at 9pm, and a mere 3 hours later we had finally seen a doctor and taken a CT scan. (thank goodness we had been placed on the "fast track") They take those head injuries pretty lightly apparently. Katie was starving, Connor was restless, we were all exhausted.
Thankfully the CT came back normal, no cracks and no bleeding. They finally let Katie have some crackers and she kept those down so we got to go home. It was 2 am ... no school for Katie again. She still says her head hurts, but she is doing better. I have told her that we will not be going anywhere near that hill again ... EVER!! Never Ever!! I don't know what it is that makes that child so accident prone. If she is not hurting herself then someone else is helping her get hurt. You would think that she would have slowed down after the broken arm, become more cautious, but NO, she is as crazy as ever. Now if those shackles I ordered would just come in...