Monday, September 29, 2008

98 Drowning

Apparently blogging at 4 am was not my best choice. It came off more snarky than just whiney like I intended it. Yeah, I was a bit put out. Mainly I was trying to get the point across that 6 year olds are NUTS! It does not matter what you tell them, they hear what they want. And if they don't hear it, then they will keep you talking until they do. The sleepover, not a huge deal ... waking Connor up when they have been told OVER AND OVER not to wake him, much worse. The snatchy/grabby/bad mood bear, not my favorite thing, but we all know that they have their days. Katie definitely has her moments. I am just glad it is not usually around large groups of people!
Also, it has just hit me that Connor will be A YEAR OLD in just under two weeks now. I have to clean my WHOLE house, not just Katie's room. Okay, so you say I should have my house clean anyway. But it is not! It is not dirty, just messy. It is swept, and mopped and vacuumed, but it is covered in a thick layer of toys. I was trying to tackle Katie's room because it has needed it the longest. When we cleared out her "toy room" to make Connor's nursery most of that stuff just got shoved into Katie's room. It was way past the point I could expect her to even try to clean it up. It was so bad!! At her birthday party a few of the kids went upstairs and I heard one little boy say "It's like a toy store exploded in here!" And it was, and it will not be when I get through with it. There has to be a point where I draw the line, and it has been drawn ... only it got erased when I had to let Katie back into her room for the sleepover. She had been sleeping in the guest/craft room, but that is just a twin size bed surrounded by stacks and piles of craft and scrapbooking stuff that needs to find a permanent home. I could not let someone else's child sleep in that room. Katie knows not to mess with it, but you get two 6 year olds together and they will talk each other into so much they know they should not be doing.
Last night I finally took apart Connor's bassinett. It had been in our bedroom just holding a pile of clothes for about 8 months. I am hoping that as I eliminate the extra surfaces and receptacles that the clutter will have to be put away in the proper places. It is just so easy to throw the clothes that need to be ironed in a pile and leave them. I hate ironing, and finding the time to iron more than Chip's shirts for work is impossible. Finding time to do much of anything is nearly impossible. Oh, you say maybe I should be cleaning instead of blogging. Can't! Chip and Connor have fallen asleep in the living room again. Since it is a "great room" that means I can't clean the kitchen or the dining area. Might as well count out the bedroom because that would be right beside it. I could go upstairs, but I have done as much as I can until we get the closet organizer that Chip wants to get.
Pretty much I am DROWNING under toys and laundry and clutter. Instead of gasping for breath I am just lashing out at anything around me that is not just right. I feel powerless to change it. I am a stay at home Mom, but since Chip works at night I never really have time to do anything ALONE! He goes to work right after Katie gets home, so I always have someone to entertain (or sneak around while he sleeps). And of course there is Connor. He is my little hip baby. He will cry and cry until I pick him up and take him with me. I can't bob and dip and weave with a 25 pound baby on my hip. I can't mop one handed, or fold laundry.