Saturday, September 6, 2008

88 It is EASY to be green!

At least when you are talking about pool water. With the rain we have been getting from what was left of Gustav we had not been out to the pool in a few days. Katie wanted to get in, so I headed out to pop some chlorine tabs in and that is when I encountered our new pond. What a lovely addition to our immaculate home, a slime filled pool. Sure Katie, jump right in! The water is FINE!

Since we discovered our own eco-system in the backyard we have drained the pool, and scrubbed the pool, and dried the pool, and now it is filling back up. Of course Katie cannot be expected to wait until it is deep enough to swim in!! Silly idea!

Connor was introduced to two new types of food in the last week ... chocolate donuts and beef jerky. Sure, not the best food for a 10 month old, but you should have seen the look on his face when I was eating in front of him!! Too pitiful, I had to share. He seems to have pulled through just fine.

Katie has decided to become an absolute brat in the last few days. She has always been spoiled, but other than that she has been fairly well behaved ... we have reached the end of that road. The moment she does not get her way, it is ON! She was invited to High School Musical the Ice Tour with her friend Jaclyn ( I would put some of Toya's pics up but my cd drives have decided to die on me). She came home with a little diary (she is all about the diary lately- I think her count is up to 6). She had already managed to "lose" the keys (turns out she was just too lazy to look in the bag) but since all of those locks are the same she went upstairs to get some of her other keys. The ones she found were on a keychain with 2 or 3 LED flashlights and a cat thing. She wanted me to take the keys off, you know the ones that are the perfect size to go in a baby's mouth and never come out. I told her not just no, but hell no! She can't keep anything off the floor and I cannot take the chance. She threw A FIT!!!! She was humphing and snorting and "mean mommy"ing. So I sent her upstairs until she could be nice. She actually pouted herself to sleep later.
That would be before she told me to "Shut Up!" Her little attitude has just gone completely downhill. She got home from school today and Mia came over. Connor was down for a nap. They were told this several times, and they were reminded at least three times to be quiet. They STILL woke him up. I have had enough!! I sent Mia home and grounded Katie for the rest of the day. Oh what a MEAN MEAN MOMMY I am!! I could probably count the times they have not woken Connor up on one hand. I am done! They get one more chance and then they will be required to either stop playing or to play at Mia's house when it is nap time. Anyways, she cried and pouted and buried her head behind the couch. She of course got over that, the pictures in the wade pool were taken after that.
And on a completely different note, Katie's school has started a new curriculum this year called Shurley English. My FIRST GRADER is being taught nouns, verbs, and adverbs. They have to code words for pronunciation. THEY ARE TEACHING THE CURRENT FOURTH GRADERS THE SAME THING!!! We were told that if they could not read by the end of the year then they will be held back. Katie is doing well. Lucky for us, her horrible attitude is not presented to her teachers. Or, lucky for them I should say!! Did you know that first graders are given homework even on Friday nights?!?! They can't even take the weekend off!! Where did childhood go???
Katie's hand and arm are still on the mend. She was coloring and I noticed that she was voluntarily using her right hand again!! It has been 2 and a half weeks since her last visit with the orthapedic and we have still not heard about her nerve conduction test. At this point I am going to refuse to do it without further evaluation. She has made HUGE improvements in that time. Even with her improvements I did pull her out of cheerleading. It will be a while before she can do all the things the other girls are doing, and I know my girl! If she gets frustrated or feels left out then that will color her view on not just cheerleading but all team sports FOREVER! I can't let that happen. If she wants to go back when she is all healed up then we will go right back, the class is for 6-10 year olds so we have time :)
And, on another note ... I take way too many pictures! But this one is adorable!! Love the drool!! Love the little chin!! Love everything about that little man!
As if that is not enough news ... my nephew turned 10 today!!


I did try to call, but could not get you. If I was not falling down tired I would scan some of Austin's baby pics I found the other day, but it is halfway to 3 AM and I have got to find my pillow! Maybe next time. You will be amazed at how much Connor looks like his big cousin.
Where in the world did the time go? It just reminds me how much I miss my family in Atlanta. As much as I don't want to live there, I would be willing to live there just for my family. I am tired of missing out on all the little celebrations. I am tired of them missing out on my babies lives. I am tired of not being able to annoy my brothers. Although they might not miss it. Mostly, I miss my Mommy!! Love you guys!!